Dear Madam,
Congrats to Nagaland Page for covering the news of Dimapur Fire station Building which made its impact at the top level of administration and as reported by your paper the department has taken up the dismantling of the dilapidated building structure. It’s indeed a great contribution by your reputed daily.
The coverage by your paper deserves wide appreciation and indeed it was a challenging one which had created a phenomenon to give up the ‘the delay delaying process’ of the many government departments and had activised efforts by the department officials for the betterment of the society.
Nagaland Home Commissioner, Ramiah Ramakrishnan deserves appreciation for taking up the matter on a war footing. The Officer-in-charge of the Fire station too deserves appreciation for raising the issues. Administration is not a one sided efforts, the officials at the higher level and the field officials should work in unison for providing better service to the general public.
Reshma Shaikh, Dimapur