Friday, September 24, 2021
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Appoint Lokayukta without delay: NPCC

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 15: The Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) has demanded immediate appointment of Lokayukta in the State.
In a press release, NPCC president, K Therie maintained that there is no reason good enough to justify delay in appointing Lokayukta, while alleging that the only reason behind the delay could be to cover up corruption for some time.

“If they (MLAs) are the children of God and are at no fault, why should they be afraid of appointing Lokayukta? Why should they need to keep the post vacant for one year?” he questioned.
Therie after asked: “Why are the 60 MLAs remaining silent? By remaining silent they are cooperating with corruption. They are unfit to represent the people. Should the people support such leaders?”
The NPCC alleged that with potholed roads, erratic power supply, private water supply, private hospitals, private schools, private agriculture, the people have been left to survive on their own and to fend for themselves. “The Government has nothing to be proud of”, he said.
Stating that the CAG report has shown unverifiable projects, fraudulent drawls, misuse and diversion of funds, etc., the NPCC said, “What we see are half constructed stadiums, High Court Buildings, Bridges and roads while payments are fully drawn and the projects, all on escalation process. What we see is people becoming rich from unknown sources of income.”

“All the 60 Members are Christians who go to Church to show their faces. However in association, they worship BJP leaders at the Centre who propagate Hindutva. They fear money, power and intimidation.
“If they are free from corruption, they should have no fear in appointing Lokayukta. The Bill for keeping the post vacant is an admission to cover up corruption”, added Therie.
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