Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Appeal to the Transport Department, Government of Nagaland to legalize two wheeler taxi service

The two-wheeler taxi service had been functioning in Kohima town for almost a year, and the feasibility and applicability is proven. The people of Kohima had been responding positively and using the service everyday to reach the destination on time and escape the stagnant traffic jam of Kohima town.
It is also a matter of young educated Naga with enthusiasm working to create self-employment by contributing in the effort to make public transportation convenient everyday in Kohima town.
When the issue of youth unemployment is at peak and the state government being unable to create avenues, the two wheeler taxi service currently enables fifty (50) Naga youth to engage in income generation profession. Kohima town has a potential to accommodate more youth with proper regulation and the legalization can propel introduction of the service in different districts which could create more employment opportunity for youths across Nagaland.
However, the concerned department had been lackadaisical to legalize the service and regulate systematically. And in the period of waiting for the legalization notification, certain reasons had compelled the two-wheeler taxi riders to halt the service.
There are riders living in the capital dependent on the two-wheeler profession and many riders had bought their two-wheelers on EMI. The inability to ride smoothly had put the riders under the immense pressure of survival and these youths are landing their youthfulness into debt.
In our earnest initiative, we seek out the voice of support from concerned citizens of Nagaland and civil societies to request the concerned department to take up the matter and expedite the legalization of two wheeler taxi service in Nagaland.
From Two-wheeler Taxi riders

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