Sunday, May 9, 2021
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Appeal to students, teachers and all citizens

The corona epidemic has created a chaos in public life. Our beloved Nagaland’s public life has been disorganized with the entire world, the entire country. The ordinary citizen is also suffering along with the student and teacher society. Meanwhile, a new education policy has also come. This education policy is really society and country centric. Before considering education, it would not be a mistake to say that the current education that has been practiced has failed to form a human or a good citizen. If the education prevailing since independence has given anything to the society and the country, it is unemployment.Discussion of new education is going on loudly in the whole country. Vidya Bharti has also organized online competition ( on New Education Policy. Students, teachers and all citizens can participate in this competition. There is no age restriction. 80-90 year olds can also participate in this competition. There are prizes of 10,5 and 3 thousand on each competition. You can download the certificate yourself. Go and see once on It will be great fun also. Nagaland Education Department has also notified and disseminated information. Welcome to the contest on

Pankaj Sinha, Dimapur

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