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Apology over the massacre is unacceptable: K Therie

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 21: While stating that the people want justice and not apology, NPCC president, K Therie today said that the entire length and breadth of the NLA resolution of December 20 was demeaned by the call of apology.
“The call for apology over a massacre is an insult to the bereaved families, their villages and community of Nagaland. It is an insult to the voice of the people crying for justice. Nagaland State Assembly has shamed Naga bravehearts”, he said in a statement issued today.
“Apology over the massacre is not acceptable. Killing and apologies cannot be the law of precedence”, he further stated.
Terming the resolution ‘blunt’ towards justice, the NPCC president said Chief Minister and Home Minister are answerable to the people of Nagaland and that they cannot run away from their responsibilities.
“They should answer whether 21 paramilitary troopers have come with their knowledge or not. If yes why? If not, why should they not proceed for criminal procedure against them? They cannot take cover under AFSPA. I have already explained earlier”, Therie stated.
Reiterating the people’s demand for justice, the Congress leader said people want the culprits be booked according to law.
“Instead of bringing the criminals to book, the Assembly surprisingly wants them to apologize and escape from the crime of massacre. The resolution is trying to impress that the State is innocent, making it look like the army has conducted the operation without authority from Nagaland State”, he said.
He further said if so, army has violated the Constitution and has committed an untenable crime against humanity and if not, army should point out who is responsible.
According to Constitutional provisions, army has no authority to just come from another State and indiscriminately shoot and kill innocent and peaceful citizens, he added.
“We are sorry for the people. Given opportunity Congress will deliver justice”, he asserted.
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