Sunday, March 7, 2021
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APO reiterates it’s position on Naga peace process

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Dimapur, September 27: The Angami Public Organization today said it believes united good sense and wisdom in all would achieve the right solution at this time if the genuine apprehensions and concerns of different groups are understood and addressed and not treated lightly or ignored.
It stressed on the need to generate a conducive atmosphere of trust and understanding within the Naga family with all sections of society making their honest contribution for lasting parties to resolve the issues without further delay.
In a statement, APO president, Dr. Kepelhuise Terhüja and information & publicity secretary, Neithono Sothu stated APO’s position on emerging process for peaceful settlement and restated that it stands by the position of the Nagas that their struggle for their aspirations cannot be characterized as one with any intention to cause harm to India.
“To declare we are incapable of causing harm to our neighbor is to state the obvious. But Nagas keep repeating it for the Indian public to understand the truth,” it said. (Full text) (Page News Service)