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APHLC terms KAAC’s eviction drive “secret agenda against Nagas & Muslims”

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 3: The All Party Hills Leaders Conference (APHLC) of Karbi Anglong on Thursday termed the eviction drives conducted by the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) as a secret agenda against Nagas and Muslims “planned secretly by the RSS in collusion with agents of Assam Government” to create enmity among Karbis, Nagas and other tribal communities.
In a press conference, the President of APHLC, JI Kathar said that the eviction drives along Nagaland-Karbi Anglong border “on considerations of religious community and tribes” was unconstitutional and could lead to killings among the tribal communities in Karbi Anglong.
According to him, the APHLC was not opposing the eviction of encroachers from anywhere in the three hills districts of Karbi Anglong, West Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao, which are governed by the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.
“We demand that all encroachers who do not belong to scheduled tribes but are unconstitutionally occupying lands meant for SC and tribes must be evicted”, Kathar said.
He asserted that the APHLC was against the eviction of people belonging to any Naga tribe or any hill tribes from anywhere in Karbi Anglong and West Karbi Anglong districts without proper and prior rehabilitation.
“It appears that the present evictions are done selectively against Muslim people. The APHLC does not agree with evicting encroachers on the basis of religion. The Sixth Schedule is for all scheduled tribes of any religion”, he said.
Khatar maintained that eviction, in fact, must be carried out against encroachers who do not belong to scheduled tribes.
“Evictions with secret agenda directed only against the Nagas and the Muslims will cause communal conflict, especially eviction against the Nagas who have every right under the Sixth Schedule areas of Karbi Anglong.
“It (the eviction drive) appears to be secretly planned by the RSS in collusion with agents of Assam Government to create deep enmity among the Karbis, the Nagas and other tribes just before the ensuing elections of KAAC which is scheduled to be held in April”, he said.
According to him, the eviction drive was the handwork of “anti-tribes people” whose agenda is to reduce the tribal population in Karbi Anglong.
“If any killings occur, the KAAC and the Assam Government shall be held responsible”, he warned.
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