Sunday, July 25, 2021

Anupam Kher on Akshay Kumar’s citizenship row: You don’t need to explain to anybody

anupam kher

Anupam Kher has spoken in favour of Akshay Kumar regarding the controversy the actor’s citizenship has generated.
Akshay had recently put out a statement in which he defended himself against those who had said that he did not vote in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections as he is a Canadian citizen.
Kher urged Akshay in a tweet to stop explaining himself to those whose “real profession is to make people like you & me feel defensive for talking in favour of India.”
Kher’s full tweet read, “Dear @akshaykumar! Have been reading about you explaining to certain people about your loyalty to our country. Stop it! Their real profession is to make people like you & me feel defensive for talking in favour of India. You are a doer. You don’t need to explain to anybody.”
Akshay had said in his statement that he had never really kept secret that he holds a Canadian passport.
His full statement read, “I really don’t understand the unwarranted interest and negativity about my citizenship. I have never hidden or denied that I hold a Canadian passport. It is also equally true that I have not visited Canada in the last seven years. I work in India, and pay all my taxes in India. While all these years, I have never needed to prove my love for India to anyone, I find it disappointing that my citizenship issue is constantly dragged into needless controversy, a matter that is personal, legal, non-political, and of no consequence to others. I would like to continue contributing in my small way to the causes that I believe in and make India stronger and stronger.”
Actor and BJP politician Paresh Rawal, who has worked with Akshay in multiple films, had also supported the star. In a tweet, he had said, “One of the most honest and straightforward human being I have ever come across in my film career and life . Every word spoken here is a TRUTH and we are all with you @akshaykumar. Let the irrelevants boo and bark.”