Monday, June 14, 2021
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ANSTA calls Govt teachers to be sincere in duties to fight for rights


Kohima, November 1: All Nagaland School Teachers Association (ANSTA), President, Ponchulo Wanth has called upon the government teachers be sincerely in their duties to fight for rights by reviving spirit of work culture in the noble profession.
Delivering the presidential addressing during the ANSTA general conference at John GHSS Viswema here today, Wanth also stating that teachers are supposed to suppose to teach social values and value system to younger generations appealed them to stop practice of keeping proxy teachers and also stop practicing bribery, nepotism, corruption.
“Let us be a positive role model for the students,” he said.
Maintaining that the weak foundation and poor quality of students of government schools is a big challenge, he said to bring them up at par with other is not an easy task which needs extra effort of the teachers.
Keeping in view of this uphill task being assigned upon the teachers of government schools, he said ANSTA choose the conference theme as “Professional Renewal Towards Academic Excellence” with hopes that on hearing the speeches to be delivered by the various speakers on the theme, the members would be benefitted and with renewed and revived professionalism to work with more dedication as they go back to their respective working places after the conference.
Lamenting that government teachers are not hard working in their chosen profession, he said “government school teachers are mostly trained, more qualified, less work load with better salary as compared to private counter parts, but unable to produce good academic results”.
Therefore, he said, with re-dedication and renewed professional zeal, “we need to reclaim the past glory of the Department and build up the image and prestige of the teachers before the society”.
He went on to state that it may be difficult for government schools to produce the toppers in the public examination with the poor products of government school students, however “we should never produce the nil results in the board exams”.
The world is changing so fast so also the system of education is changing, hence with renewed vigour, revitalized work culture and upgraded professional skills in tune with the fast changing system of education, we have to forge ahead and rebuilding the Department.
“It’s a matter of fact that the word “Corruption” is the talk of every walk of life and most of the teachers fail to realize that we are also a pan of it. However, if a teacher draws his/her salary without performing duty, then the salary drawn is corrupted money,” the ANSTA president stated.
Meanwhile, stating that the Department of School Education has been infested with problems of various forms and nature, he said the problems should be prioritized and resolve on permanent basis instead of temporal settlement.
The problem of promotion stagnation in the Department unlike other departments is very extreme as teachers spent 20-25 years to get the first promotion, he said, adding that even though there is a provision in the Department Service Rules 2017 that a Graduate Teacher (G/T) can be considered for promotion after completion of seven years, however it never happened in reality.
Over and above this stagnation, P&AR in its OM dated 17th December 2014 has notified that promotion to the next higher grade will be permitted only on completion of minimum service of one year in the existing grade by the incumbent, he said.
In view of the said government OM, even though many posts are lying vacant in the Department, yet the resultant vacancies couldn’t be filled up due to non-fulfillment of the bar, he said.
Thus, he said that considering the extra ordinary condition of promotion stagnation in the Department and as a compensation for overstaying at the lower grades, the P&AR norms to remain in the existing grade for a year should be relaxed for Education Department as one time measure to enable the Department to fill up the resultant vacancies.
The ANSTA president pointed that the non-filling of resultant vacancies hampers the smooth service delivery system of the department due to lack of the field officers in the field or schools who are the feeding officers of the Department. (Page News Service)