Monday, March 8, 2021
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ANPSA seeks more grant in aid to private schools


Says Govt schools have become redundant

Dimapur, March 10: The All Nagaland Private Schools’ Association (ANPSA) has sought more grants in aid to private schools in the State out of the budgetary allocation that the Government doles out exclusively for Government schools each year.
In an article, ANPSA president claimed that Government schools in Nagaland have become redundant over the course of time, and urged the Government of Nagaland to come up with a drastic step to put to action a plan whereby public funds are not wasted in vain but put to more judicious use.
“Instead of pouring all the public money unnecessarily in non-productive government schools, it should rather be the honest endeavour of the government to provide more grants in aid to all private schools in the State,” it said.
ANPSA claimed that private schools have always ensured that the quality of education is never compromised, and cited the results of board examinations as proof of this. It, however, regretted that the hard work and sacrifices done by the dedicated private schools are often forgotten.
“Sadly, though the contribution of private schools in development of education sector in Nagaland has always been immense, the State Government has not given due recognition to those private schools which have brought Nagaland in the map of education in India and the International sphere,” it said.
Stating that the dogmatic attitude and utter negligence of private schools by the State Government have dampened the morale and spirit of many credible and good private schools in the State, ANPSA lamented that private schools and their managements are never made stakeholders of important discussions and policies of the Education Department or other such legislations primarily meant for the education sector.
“Is it because there is no contribution of the private schools in terms of financial benefits that fills up the individual coffers of the leaders,” it asked. (Full Text)
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