Friday, June 18, 2021
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Another doctor assaulted by police in Nagaland


Kohima, April 17: In a shocking incident, another doctor was assaulted at Wokha by Nagaland police on Friday; exactly a fortnight after another doctor was roughed up and assaulted by police in Dimapur.
Dr Mongshithung Murry of Tsumang A, Wokha Town was assaulted by the police with batons even after he identified himself as doctor.
After the incident he has written a complaint letter to SP Wokha requesting him to sensitize police personnel in the town to desist from resorting to such savage and barbaric acts so as to avoid further confrontation with the public as such action will create law and order problem.
Dr Murry said he has restrained from filing criminal complaint U/200 Cr.Pc.
“There are several of them whom assaulted me , but I definitely identify Nyanbemo Murry s/o Nlumo Murry of Wokha village and Rakhothung Ezung of Tsungiki village,” he said in a complaint letter.
Relating the incident, he said at around 11 a.m. today while returning home after collecting ration from Tsumang A and at the tri junction below DC’s office he was directed to go via Etsutchukha road to which he obliged. But he was send back to the same route he had undertaken as exit from Etsutchukha road to highway was on patrol by the Etsutchukha youth.
Accordingly, he returned to the same tri junction and requested to allow him to enter towards police point as his house is just a hundred metres away, but without listening police manning the road started to assault him with batons without listening further explanation, the doctor said in the complaint letter. They also hit the doctor on the head with baton.
“That, being so, assuming but not admitting the fact that I may have violated traffic regulations, I am here to question the barbaric wanton acts of your personnel where some of them are under influence of alcohol taking spot action without recourse to sanitise,” Dr. Murry said.
On April 4 (Friday) evening Dr. Nesozol Sezo, Chief Medical Officer at Mezhiphema was assaulted at Purana Bazaar by the police and even his car was smashed. The cops, who accosted him near his house, had since apologized. Dr. Sezo, currently engaged at the district hospital, on account of the COVID19 pandemic, said the policemen beat him and damaged his car as he was not wearing a mask though he told them that he is a doctor and on duty.
Director General of Police T. John Longkumer had also apologized to Dr Sezo and the medical fraternity for the assault on the doctor by the police personnel. (Page News Service)