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Annual Review Meeting of NFMP conducted in Mon

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Dimapur, May 24: As part of an important mandate of the Nagaland Forest Management Project (NFMP), funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Annual Review Meeting was convened on May 22 at the Divisional Forest Office, Mon.
Under the Divisional Management Unit (DMU), NFMP Mon, DMU Staff, FMU Staff, FNGOs, DC representative and 15 Villages currently undertaking project activities participated the program.
On this occasion, the program was chaired by DMU Staff, Kute Lachu, Monitoring & Evaluation Expert while Rajesh Kumar, IFS, Divisional Forest Officer cum DMU Head, Mon Division delivered the welcome address. Brief presentations were also delivered by DMU staff, Field Management Unit (FMU) Heads, and FNGO on the activities undertaken in the previous years.
In addition to presentations, 15 village representatives in the form of JFMCs and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) shared their positive experiences, grievances, and challenges faced in the course of the project activities. They expressed appreciation for the NFMP initiative, noting significant improvements in village biodiversity and the benefits of the Revolving Funds for SHGs. Additionally, FMU staff also shared insights gained from field duties.
Several noteworthy success stories were shared by the JFMCs and SHGs during the meeting.
Totok Chingkho JFMC, part of Batch-I, highlighted the significance of the Waiting Shed constructed under NFMP JICA. Situated conveniently along the roadside, the villagers who go to the field and neighbouring villagers seek shelter during times of need.
Chi, JFMC expressed gratitude for the technical guidance provided by DMU Mon under NFMP JICA.
Ameihong SHG shared a transformative experience in Tanhai village. Prior to NFMP implementation, the SHG faced financial constraints hindering business ventures. However, post-implementation, with the support of funds and capacity building initiatives, including training in food processing and farming, the SHG successfully launched various profitable ventures, contributing to the village’s economic development. Several other SHGs from different Villages also shared their views and appreciated the efforts of FNGOs who have been their mainstay in the success of their activities.
As the representative from the administration, Nyamok Konyak, EAC Mon expressed her gratitude to the Forest Department in their efforts in making the lives of Community better and remarked on the enriching experience of participating in the meeting, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and the success stories shared by JFMCs and SHGs.
She underscored the project’s aim of sustainable environmental management, urging participants to take ownership of their environment beyond the project’s duration. She emphasized the value of acquired knowledge and ideas, encouraging their integration into daily life and passing them down to future generations.
The annual review meeting forms the platform to facilitate the sharing of experiences/cross learning, review the activities carried out in the previous years and providing a platform for identifying areas of improvement, and foster idea exchange among different committees. The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Ponglih T, Capacity Building, IEC & Documentation Expert.
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