Saturday, May 8, 2021

Annual meet of Dimapur TOLIC held

Dimapur, January 27: The annual meeting of Dimapur TOLIC (Town Official Language Implementation Committee) was held at ARTC&S, Dimapur under the Chairmanship of Commandant Kishan Singh Rawat of ARTC&S on January 22. Thirty five members of Central Government offices situated in Dimapur attended the meet.
Lt Colonel Bhavana Sharma, Secretary, TOLIC welcomed all members before a detailed brief on the various aspects of the TOLIC meet by Hav Abhishek of ARTC&S. Member representatives of various government offices presented their reports on the progress on implementation of Hindi in their sectors/departments.
After analysing the progress on implementation of Hindi in Central Government Offices in Dimapur, Commandant Kishan Singh Rawat stressed upon the importance of progressive use of Hindi and requested all members to implement the policies issued by the Government of India regarding publicity and implementation of the official language policy.
The Chairman also emphasized on motivational measures which can be resorted to for implementation of Hindi by means of incentive and appreciations in all Central Government Offices.
Speaking on the occasion, Chairman, applauded the efforts of the members of TOLIC Dimapur for their continuous efforts towards wide publicity of the official language. During the meet the importance of progressive use of Hindi in Central Government offices was highlighted.
Valuable suggestions and feedback points were invited by the Secretary, Lt Colonel Bhavana Sharma and the same were discussed in the meet. (Page News Service)