Anniversary Anchor:  Anniversary Affirmation

Anniversary Anchor:  Anniversary Affirmation

Monalisa Changkija

Today Nagaland Page arrives at another milestone of having completed 21 years.

It was only the other day we were struggling and striving to start the paper with limited financial and human resources. Twenty-one years on, we still grapple with the same issues but somehow we are much better off today and have managed to become a household name within and without Nagaland. This, we attribute to the Lord’s Grace and Mercy. This, I also attribute to the unflinching loyalty, faith and dedication of the Nagaland Page Family and our staunch Readers, Advertisers and Well-Wishers. I also take this opportunity to thank the successive Governments of Nagaland in the past twenty-one years that have learnt to live with us.

Our vision was always that of a small-sized local neighbourhood paper with a global outlook and we remain so with the help of technology that has enabled us to reach to our readers across the globe. Our motto has always been Development Journalism and it remains so. For us, development will always mean the human heart and mind first. We firmly believe that once the human heart and mind understand and appreciate issues and realities clearly, the other aspects of development would automatically ensue. So yes, enabling people to think critically continues to be our focus.

There is always the temptation to blow our trumpets but we will resist it and let twenty-one years of our existence speak for itself. The only trumpet I blow today is the treasure Nagaland Page has in our human resource. We are few but enough to make a difference to our people and to the history of the Fourth Estate in Nagaland. Nagaland Page is amongst the few papers in the State fortunate to have Staffers right from Day 1 twenty-one years ago. They are the backbone and the main engines of this paper. Both as a newspaper and also an enterprise, it is indeed a blessing for us to cherish shared ideals, shared vision and shared values.

We are guilty of countless lapses, shortcomings and mistakes and I take full responsibility for them but beg no forgiveness because they were mainly preventable. Since the past cannot be erased I only hope that they will be reminders and lessons for the days to come. However painful the memories of these lapses, shortcomings and mistakes, they are also what strengthened us and kept us plodding on. No doubt, there will be more lapses, shortcomings and mistakes because life itself is a perpetual learning process so I pray that we have the fortitude and the grace to admit to them and take full responsibility for them.

Since our 20th anniversary last year, we have embarked on a few dedicated socially-beneficial activities and I pray for your blessings and support to continue them. It is not that we didn’t embark on such activities in our early years but they were not in a sustained form due to our financial and other limitations. It is not as if we are financially stable now but we are now comfortable enough to start giving to society ~ as long as we are judicious with our resources. However, I feel no need to list the socially-beneficial activities we have embarked on.

Against the painful reality of the Coronavirus pandemic and in solidarity with millions affected with the virus and those who have lost their loved ones across the globe due to the pandemic, we are not celebrating our coming of age but we are marking it with the sadness and the solemnity the times demand with the prayer that this too shall pass. And, we accept, claim and own this is a part of our history we are fated to witness and overcome. These are formidable times we are living yet these are times to be more giving and forgiving. Because we believe that Nagaland Page is so much more than a newspaper, we welcome you, including the Central and State Governments, to let us know how best we can serve society and state more, especially at this time ~ although we will not compromise our journalistic values and principles while doing so.

Thank You for being with us throughout our journey of 21 years. Please continue to be with us henceforth too.

God be with Nagaland.