Friday, April 16, 2021
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Angami Sekrenyi Mini Hornbill commences in Kohima

  • CM Rio stresses on economic improvement
  • Angamis most blessed people among Nagas: Sumi Hoho

Kohima, February 25:The three-day long Angami Sekrenyi Mini Hornbill Festival on the theme “Restoring values” commenced here today under the aegis of Angami Public Organisation and initiatives of State Government at Kohima Local Ground.
As the chief host of the festival, Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio called upon the people to come forward and ponder on improvement of the state’s economy.
Rio said that there will be no progress and peaceful environment without a sound and robust economy.
He also stressed on the need to maintain unity among the Nagas.
Stating that Sekrenyi is a festival of purification, Rio prayed to Almighty to give abundant blessings to the people for a healthy and prosperous life.
Also speaking on the occasion, Advisor for Youth Resources and Sports Zale Neikha called upon the people to care and reason together through this festival for better co-existence.
Gracing the occasion as “Sekrenyi honoured guest,” Sumi Hoho president Hekhushe Shikhu said that Angami people are one of the most blessed people among the Nagas “because God has chosen your beautiful land to be the capital and epicenter for growth and progress for entire Naga people.”
He said that thousands of Sumis live and work in Kohima comfortably with full security, satisfaction and a strong feeling of belongingness.
He appealed to Sumi community living at Kohima to be the chain of friendship and pillar of brotherhood between the Sumis and Angamis.
“Although we don’t have any written document, it was orally passed down to us by our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and their fathers before them that Sumis were once the younger brother of Angamis,” he said.
He said Sumis and Angamis are blessed to be neighbours since time immemorial and “over the course of our shared history, we have faced many challenges together, our brave men and women have fought and died together for nearly a century for Naga Nationalism, we have agreed and worked together on many things and has also disagreed a few things. Nevertheless, we have always choose to respect each other and will continue to work towards shaping our shared future with unity and brotherhood so that we prosper together.”
“By looking into the similarity in our lifestyle, culture, language and route of our migration, the Sumis strongly believe in our brotherhood and always keep the Angami people close to our heart as brothers,” he said.
Stating that Angami people has one of the most colourful and beautiful traditional attire, vibrant culture and rich language among the Nagas, Shikhu said “Your Ura Academy is a role model institute for the rest of the Nagas to emulate and it shows how much progress and advancement you have achieved towards restoring and preserving your cultural values.”
He appealed the younger generation to value “our culture, preserve our tradition, language and identity and this Sekrenyi festival brings peace, unity and prosperity to all the Angamis in particular and may it shine upon the Nagas in general.”
APO president Dr. Kepelhusie Terhiija highlighted the significance of Sekrenyi.
He also emphasized on freedom, democracy and consensus opinion, justice, dignity and equal citizen and giving and caring.
“We must uphold our virtues,” he said.
Indigenous games competition and Sekrenyie feast marked day one day event. The festival will continue till February 27.
Various competitions makrked the first day of the festival, while the results are:
Thaprii (Fixed jump competition): Rokovi Khawakhrie bagged 1st position while Neithongulie Kuotsu and Vizobeilie Piinyii stood second and third position respectively.
Kerie- Chatuo (Stilt Bamboo walk), Sedesii Thami emerged first position while Kevisilhu Meyase of and Kekrozaki Rate stood 2nd and 3rd position respectively.
Mepfii Kemetsa (War Cry competition): Thepfusohie Kuotsu, Visilhou Chiisi and Ruokuosetuo Khezhie bagged first, second and third position respectively
Kero Keteshii (Tug of war): Northern Angami Sports Association bagged first position while Southern Angami Sports Association stood second position.
Earlier, Western Angami Youth Organization, Lidi Kroko, Southern Angami Cultural Society and Viswema elders performed at the inaugural session.
Pastor of Khonoma Baptist Church Rev. Tsolie Chase prayed for the programme while vote of thanks was proposed by Kohima Municipal Council (KMC) administrator Kovi Meyase.
Zakie Khate, Vilakuolie Mere and Riivuotuonuo Ruth Vizo compered the function.
On second day (February 26), stalls will be opened at 12:00 noon while cultural extravaganza will commence at 5:00 PM which will be marked by traditional song (Angami) competition, Act: “Themia Puo Kelhou” and Traditional & Ethnic Designer show.