Thursday, May 23, 2024

Angami Catholic youth walk ‘Way of the Cross’ at Dzüleke

way of the cross

Dimapur, March 28: The Angami Catholic Youth Association (ACYA) organized a ‘Way of the Cross’ procession at Dzüleke on March 26 last.
Over 200 youth from across all the five regional units — Chakhro ACYA, Kohima Town ACYA, Northern ACYA, Southern ACYA, and Western ACYA — comprising nearly 60 villages and units participated in the service as they prayerfully walked the 14 stations to retrace the steps of our lord’s passion and death.
The Way of the Cross is a 14-step devotion that commemorates the passion of Christ, and imitates the traditional route that symbolises the actual path Jesus walked with his cross to Mount Calvary.
The procession on Saturday commenced from St. Michael Church Dzüleke and spanned 2 kms across paddy fields, pristine brook and rivers, and slope terrains surrounded by the sprawling and imposing green rainforest.
Addressing the introductory session, Rev. Fr. Megoriekho Thomas Punyü, Assistant Priest, St. Peter Parish Longsa, shared on the significance of the Way of the Cross. He stressed on three key impacts of meditating on the stations – strengthens our faith that the Cross and Christ are one, challenges us to advance in the way of perfection by looking at Christ, and to seek consolation and peace during the difficult moments in our lives.
Meanwhile, the participants were briefed about the uniqueness of Dzüleke and its ecotourism efforts to promote responsible travel, conserve nature, as well rural experience of the quaint hill village.
They were also encouraged to support and follow the hygienic practices of the village and inculcate such initiatives as a habit in their day-to-day networks to benefit the entire society as a whole. (Page News Service)