Saturday, February 27, 2021
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ANCSU slams DCCI’s resolution


Dimapur, June 24: The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has hit out at the resolutions adopted by the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI), particularly the part where the trade body said it will not entertain “illegal collection” by NGOs and students’ bodies.
The DCCI in its general meeting on June 22 last had resolved that the business community will not entertain any form of illegal collection by NGOs and students’ bodies either in terms of monetary or through sale of calendar, lottery and tickets.
Making it clear that any form of fundraise by students’ is “purely anticipated on well wishers” and not forced; ANCSU said the DCCI terming the same as illegal is an open opposition to the students’ fraternity.
In a press release, ANCSU finance secretary Inato Chisho and education secretary Kruto Tetseo asked the DCCI on what grounds it had termed the students’ union fundraise activity as illegal, and made it clear that the trade body has no authority to dictate to the students’ bodies on how to sustain its “visionary activities.”
“The DCCI cannot harass and boast over the innocent student unions just because they are financially stable,” it said and reminded the DCCI that the union will come down heavily on business establishments harassing the students community by words or action on any occasion.
ANCSU also questioned the DCCI on its resolution of banning individuals and organizations conducting search for expiry goods and MRP. “The union would like to question, if the business establishments have openly declared that it had been and will be continuing to practice illegal sell of expiry goods and tampered market retail prices,” it asked and warned that ANCSU along with the consumers and other concerned organizations will continue to check illegal sell of expiry goods and tampered MRP’s.
“The resolution taken on 22nd June by the DCCI clearly seems to be resolution to oppress the students in particular and society in general. The union however, anticipates that the business establishments would continue to extend their support and cooperation towards the students community as an obligation,” it said.
Stating that Dimapur market has been occupied by outsiders “to more than 90% of the total economy”, the ANCSU reasoned that the outsiders having benefited from Dimapur market “owes responsibility to be contributing towards the citizens in any form when solicited for.”
“In the wake of these outsiders creating a monopoly in the market and posing future social and economic threat to the Nagas, will DCCI be able to own the consequences? Wherein the DCCI have blindly scratch the democratic rights of the citizens, it is to remind the DCCI that permission need not be sought from their organization to perform its fundamental rights but rather the DCCI should extend utmost cooperation keeping aside their money minded business policy.”
The union appealed to all right thinking citizens to come forward and fight against the “unwelcoming resolution” of DCCI, which, it claimed, has now put the welfare of the citizens at stake.
“The union shall outrightly retaliate against such kind of ill forces that beseem to shatter the peaceful coexistence of the Naga society,” it warned.
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