ANCSU condemns police action against agitating students; hunger strike to continue

ANCSU condemns police action against  agitating students; hunger strike to continue
Police chasing away the ANCSU volunteers during the students’ hunger strike at Secretariat junction Kohima on June 4

Kohima, June 4: The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has condemned the action of the police and district administration against the students’ community sitting in protest outside the Secretariat here today.
Addressing a press conference at his office here tonight, ANCSU general secretary Vimeyiekho said the ANCSU came to the decision of launching indefinite hunger strike after several rounds of deliberation because the state government had totally failed to address to the genuine concerns of the students.
He also revealed that the issues raised by ANCSU is nothing new as several representations have already been submitted to the State government and the Directorate of Technical Education while also submitting the five point charter if demands to the Chief Minister on June 3 last.
He said that the government on several occasion have assured the ANCSU that serious action would be taken on their demands but all the assurance turned to be mere assurances and never fulfilled.
“We had to come to this decision because the government has remained silent for the past several months and even years,” he said while appealing all the citizens to come forward and support the genuine cause.
“We are surprised that when the ANCSU headed for the agitation to gather outside the Directorate of Technical Education to show our resentment against the department and the government, we were blocked on the way by the police personnel,” he said.
“Government of Nagaland rather than coming forward to address the genuine concern of the students has used full forces and means against us and even arrested our leaders and volunteers,” he said.
ANCSU strongly condemns the arrest of our officials, including the president and released only after few hours following our demand for release, he said while questioning on which ground were they arrested.
He said ANCSU also condemn the action of police personnel against the students community by means of lathi charge, firing of water cannon and shelling of tear gas, which has resulted in injuries of some of the students.
“Our intention of the agitation was totally non-violent,” he asserted while urging all to come forward in condemning such ‘brutal act’ against the students.
Meanwhile, replying to allegations that the ANCSU president had demanded Rs 15 lakh from the department to remain silent on the ‘misappropriation of technical students scholarship fund’, Vitso asserted that no ANCSU official or member has indulged in such act. He also asked the department to come out with proof and evidences and not to shy away from revealing it.
On the sudden total bandh called by the colleges in Dimapur affiliated to ANCSU, the vice president Benjong Longchar said there is no official communication. He also said that since the colleges have also been supporting the cause of ANCSU and also demanded for immediate action from the government, they might have called for the bandh considering the fall out of today happening in Kohima. “We are not in position to stop them but the state government would be solely held responsible for any unwanted situation created out of the bandh”.
Meanwhile, Longchar also informed that since the hunger strike has already been launched, ANCSU would not retract until and unless justice is delivered by the government. He said the president Katho P. Awomi along with some officials and student volunteers are on hunger strike and they would continue.
On the statement of the Minister Temjen Imna Along that the department has replied to all the RTIs filed by them, the officials while acknowledging of having received the replies however lamented that none of the replies were satisfactory which compelled them to file several RTIs since November 2018.
They also said that the Minister should not act ignorant on the issue of Rs 1.32 crore misappropriation because ANCSU had sought details through representation on September 22, 2018.
“The government should not play delay tactics by fooling the students community,” ANCSU stated. (Page News Service)