ANCSU bans VIP culture in colleges


Dimapur, May 3: The All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) has denounced the misuse of Government vehicles by Government officials to pick and drop college students.
Stating that it is banning “VIP culture in colleges”, the ANCSU in a release said it will strictly enforce ban on picking and dropping of college students in Government vehicles.
ANCSU said it will keep vigilant on such misuse, and also directed all units to immediate seize such vehicles and report to ANCSU officials for further measures.
Teachers’ attachment: Alleging that the Directorate of School Education is one of the most corrupted Department, ANCSU claimed that the Department is not delivering justice to the students by allowing attachments of teachers in various capacities to VVIPs, VIP, Directorate, DEOs and SDEOs. It also accused the DoSE of keeping details of those attached teachers under wraps for the benefit of some selfish interested officials.
The School Education Department has done much harm to our society by compromising quality education in various manners exploiting the students career and strangling the Government school, it alleged.
Warning that it will not idly sit back but will take the measure in its hand by locking the Department if it does not detach the attached teachers within 30 days, the ANCSU also warned the attached teachers, VVIPs and VIP from confronting the demand of ANCSU.
(Page News Service)