Monday, December 11, 2023
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An open letter to Jio Center Manager PR Hill Kohima, Nagaland

With Jio Network being the most promising network in Nagaland, the users have become already fully dependent on its outstanding network. Jio has provided the best network throughout this lockdown, the student’s community and the general public are deeply convinced by its service.
But, sadly from the month of July 2020, it has deteriorated greatly. I, being a student of Kohima Science College ( Autonomous ) Jotsoma, residing in Tuensang Town have had a great impact on my online classes this month. As we are all aware that the online classes are already on its swing, we the students of Tuensang have been relying on your network but your esteemed network has failed us miserably this time.
For instance, today as we were having online classes on Google Classroom and Google Meet, my Jio Internet Connection just went down and I tried reconnecting but it didn’t help, which gave me a great loss of knowledge. Today was not the first time we experienced this but the students residing in Tuensang Town have faced this challenge throughout this month.
With the great efforts of Teaching faculties to educate their students even during this pandemic, the internet facility have become a major disadvantage creating a barrier between the teachers and the students. Witnessing the current Jio Internet Connection in our area, the trust of the student’s on your network has been shattered.
Therefore, I, as a concerned student would like to plea to your esteemed company/authority to kindly look into the matter and resolve it for the welfare of the student’s community.
M.Sc 3rd Semester (Zoology Department)
Kohima Science College ( Autonomous ) Jotsoma.