Sunday, June 20, 2021
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An Appeal on Sunday Market Closure Issue

Simple yet seriously, I would like to question to those civil societies and individuals who are advocating for Business on Sundays in favour of perishable vegetables against the imperishable God / Yahweh Worship.
1. Who were the builders and destroyers of a society in history?
2. How did they build the society/nation?
3. How did they destroy the society/nation?
4. What do our leaders ought to learn and follow today?
The prophets and the Church leaders are the mouth piece of God who give instructions and guidance to all the people as per the revealed Word of God. The leaders of the people in the Government, Society, Community, Tribal Council, etc. are the implementers of the revealed word of God. Moses instructed the people to abide by the revealed word of God. He was opposed by the community leaders. They all perished in the wilderness. Joshua was instructed to follow and he and his family was committed to God till to the end. They entered the Rest. King David was instructed by the prophets and he followed. All the people were led according to the word of God and in the fear of the Lord. He and the people flourished. King Asa recalled all the Levites and the priests and brought back the people to the way of the Lord. King Hezekiah ordered the priests and the people to observe the Passover and he pleased the Lord God of Israel. Nehemiah and Ezra wept for the sins of Israel and challenged the people to rebuild Jerusalem and to restored the Jewish worship according to the word of God. They indeed rebuild Jerusalem and Jewish nation was restored. There are many more great leaders and kings of whom we read in the Bible and in the extra biblical books. They were the builders of nations, societies of faith and civilization of the world based on the word of God. How great were those leaders!
King Manasseh was instructed but he killed the prophets who spoke to him. King Ahab was instructed and confronted by the prophets for the wrongs he had done but in stead of mending his ways, he sought for the lives of the prophets. Scores of leaders were there in the Bible who were condemned and cursed by the Lord. They were the ones who destroyed the societies and brought doom to the nation. How did they scheme a plot and kill Naboth? Why and how did they kill prophet Isaiah? How did they treat Elijah, Elisha, Jeremiah, Micaiah, Zachariah and many more servants of the Lord? How did they bring doom upon themselves and the nation? Were they not responsible for Israel’s captivity and destruction? There are lots of stories written in books about the causes of the doom of a nation. When God is not happy, that’s the end of the nation. We all must know for sure that the living God of yesteryears is the same living God today. His judgement and standard remains the same. There will be no partiality in Him.
Let us pick up one lesson – How the rulers of the nation conspired against the anointed of the Lord in favour of Barabbas, the criminal? Now in whose favour are you today? Are you in favour of perishable vegetable vendors or the imperishable Holy Day of the Lord? Did not God say to every one of us to keep His Rest Day Holy? Who are those vendors of perishable vegetable – Naga, nonNaga, illegal immigrants, miyas, Christians, nonChristians, etc. etc. Should Naga Christians go to market on Sunday for their perishable vegetables or should they go to Church and worship the Everlasting God, the Creator and the Sustainer of the Universe for gain of eternal blessing? What is your choice- vegetable or God? Worship or marketing on Sunday?
In the Old Testament too, it was the leaders who were the ones that defiled the Holy days of the Lord for their selfish monetary gain. They exchanged justice or sold the poor for a pair of sandals. They made holy fasting days into horrible cursing days. Alas! Israel nation was destroyed because of the leaders. Jesus had to come and cleanse the Temple before he goes to the cross for restoration.
Corruption does not start from the bottom, the common men. It starts from the higher up, the powerful and the rich. Abuse of power does not start from the common men but from the powerful. Law breaking does not start from the simple common men but from the law making, law enforcing, affluent people and criminals. Justice perversion does not start from the common men but from the rulers of the people. Communal fighting or war does not start by a common man, it starts from the communal, political, social, tribal, business leaders. The commoners are used and victimised. The common men are followers. They are not the law makers, law enforces and justice adjudicators. The common men are just citizens. That’s all. But one danger that lies with the common men is that, if you spread to them rumours, wrong messages, give wrong teachings and instructions, then they become the active elements of havoc and complete destruction of the society. If doom comes, you are not exception to destruction. Mind it seriously. Let us not be advocates of wrong things.
My suggestion is, let there be proper discussion on matter of the closure of Business on Sunday in Dimapur area. As of now, before proper understanding is brought about, let there be closure of the market on Sunday as it is, except for life saving and emergency services in which Hotels etc. are included. Let us not quarrel, let us not sell God for perishable vegetables, let us not desecrate our Holy Day, let us not be money minded (in spite of poverty) but let us be very serious of our national faith in God and for the society that has been saved Lord.
Oh, blessed child Jesus, go to God/Church for Blessing on Sunday.
Don’t go to Market for Money on Sunday.
God bless you. Amen

Rev. Seksim Kasar
General Secretary, CNC

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