Thursday, March 4, 2021
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An appeal for peace

Indigenous Nagas are truly peace loving people despite their prolonged struggle for recognition of their nationality since decolonization era. Indo-Naga ceasefire is nearing silver jubilee. Cessation of violence and hostility between Indians and Nagas since August 1, 1997 has brought a dramatic change in the world of Naga national movement where constructive peace has been built thus far. The Naga women-folks have personified the expression “Avaram” (motherland) in their fearless defense against the irrational and inhuman aggression of the unified command (26 A.R. & Manipur police) recently at Kashung Bungdung & Hongbei villages under Kasom subdivision at this critical time of national lock-down due to deadly COVID-19 global crisis. This pre-emptive action of the women folks for maintaining peace and tranquility, public health and safety of the indigenous inhabitants is purely in compliance of the COVID-19 national lock-down Standard Operational Procedures (SOP). The sincere effort of the mothers to safeguard peace, public health and safety of the area conveys a clear message of support to the global ceasefire appeal made on 23/03/2020 by the Secretary General, UNO to all the nation-states and  non-state parties involved in war or conflict or under ceasefire around the world as to collectively fight the pandemic, COVID-19 .

Time and again, the unwanted Indian military activities over the peaceful land of the Nagas especially the Naga regions in the present state of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh in the pretext of non-coverage of Indo-Naga ceasefire is a clear case of misconception of law and facts on the part of India in  asmuch as these regions are treated by India as foreign territories outside her territorial jurisdiction. Government of India must clarify before the world whether or not these Naga territories in question are part of India. Casual Indian stand on this issue has indeed collaborated Nagas’ rightful claim that except the present state of Nagaland put under the incharge of Ministry of External Affairs, MEA (1963-1972), the larger part of Naga territories have not conventionally merged with either India or that of Myanmar. Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire of 2005 was officially  enforced anywhere within and outside of their respective territories. The crux of Indo-Naga conflicts now obviously is confined to recognition of Naga nationality which inevitably means and includes Nagas’ right to retain their flag & Yezabo (constitution) so as to enable them to determine their own system and structure of self-government provided they freely associate with India. NSCN is said to have been declared by India to be a lawful organization since it was unbarred from the purview of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967. Having enjoyed durable peace in the past 22 years of ceasefire by all the citizens in the Indian sub-continent, we do not see any reason of urgency for hectic military action and /or a psychological war of intimidation in the otherwise most peaceful Naga areas  thereby creating mindless human crisis and sufferings at this crucial stage of national lock-down. NIPA hence fervently made this humble appeal to all concerned for maintaining active peace and harmony in the region. It further appealed to avoid such unruly military exercise in the future which may be prejudicial to public health, peace and security.

Naga Indigenous Peoples Alliance (NIPA)

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