Friday, April 16, 2021
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An Appeal

Opposition to Government’s plan to shift the offices of the Dimapur district administration to Chumoukedima in recent times by various Civil Social Organisations is a matter of concern which needs to be deliberated and addressed with a broad mind taking into consideration ease and convenience of the populace of the district.

Perusal of the reports carried in the local newspapers indicates that the CSOs opposed to the move are, by and large, based in the city. Understandably, they would be inconvenienced if the Deputy Commissioner’s office were to be shifted out of the city. However, it must be pointed out that Dimapur District encompasses much more areas than Dimapur Sadar alone. And it is conspicuous that some of the CSOs opposed to the move do not have representatives from areas such as Medziphema, Chumoukedima, Dansiripar, Kuhuboto, Niuland etc but have grandiose nomenclatures professedly covering the entire district, and are now vehemently opposing the move.
Apprehensions have been expressed that location of the new office is located within the area of Chumoukedima village and that the village council would start to dictate and control over the day to day functioning of the district administration. This is as absurd as being apprehensive that the Government of India, with most of the national offices located in the precinct of Union Territory of Delhi, would be controlled by the Government of Delhi! It is akin to wondering if the District Administration, which have its offices located within the area of Dimapur Municipal Corporation, is controlled by DMC. Anyhow, to set the records straight, the new building of the DC is located in the area of Chumoukedima Town Council.
As far as the argument that Chumoukedima township is not a cadastral area is concerned, we may as well find out if the other 11 offices of the DCs in the State are located in cadastral areas.
It is also illogical to oppose shifting of the DC’s office now because when the district was bifurcated from Kohima district in 1997 with Chumoukedima clearly indicated as its headquarters there was never a whisper of objection from any quarter. Rather, denizens of the district collectively rejoiced and expressed our heartfelt gratitude to the government of the day for fulfilling our long-cherished dream.
Also, our joy knew no bounds when we saw the old DC office at Chumoukedima village come up. Opposition to shifting of the DC office was the last thing on our minds then. Same was the case when construction of the new building started a decade or so back. Therefore, it is utterly mystifying as to how the plan to shift is being fiercely opposed now.
It is, indeed, very unfortunate that some CSOs are attempting to browbeat, nay, threaten and blackmail a legitimate government with dire consequences over shifting of the premises of the district administration for their personal desire to continue having these offices located at their doorstep ignoring the massive traffic congestion and the harrowing experiences of other thousands of commuters each day.

However, the silver lining in this unwholesome saga is the suggestion that the government consider setting up offices of two DCs (Rural and Urban) in the district. Considering the extent of area and population of Dimapur district, I humbly appeal to the Government of the day to study the possibility/ practicality of this suggestion, and do the needful at the earliest.
Razuvotuo Chatsu
Chumoukedima Village Council

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