Friday, June 14, 2024
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Amur Falcons arrive at Pangti village

DIMAPUR, OCTOBER 8: The Amur Falcon Roosting Area Union (AFRAU) Pangti Village, during their social work at the Amur Falcon Roosting Area, Tzüza Eryü on Friday, sighted more than 500 of Amur Falcons hovering in the sky.
According to AFRAU President, P Thungchumo Shidio, viewing from the main watch tower at Tzüza Eryü, the Falcons were seen flying in the sky. Falcons were seen coming to their roosting site during the evening, while a large number of Falcons could be seen hovering in the sky as the sun began to set.
The best time to witness the roosting of Amur Falcons is from October 15 to November 20.
AFRAU president lamented that thousands of tourists from every corner of the world come to watch the roosting of the migratory birds but the road from Doyang dam to Amur Falcon Roosting Area is in a pathetic condition. He urged the Government to take note of it.
The AFRAU Pangti also welcomed everyone to Pangti Village ~ The Falcon Capital of the World.
All concerned have been informed to contact 9862258907/9862510077 for any quarries and correspondence.
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