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AMK urges state Govt to test all returnees from Chennai & Red Zones

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Dimapur, May 25: The Angamimiapfü Mechü Krotho (AMK) has urged the Government of Nagaland and especially the Department of Health & Family Welfare to take all necessary steps and measures to test all the returnees from Chennai or other Red Zones for Covid-19 in their respective District Covid Hospitals of Nagaland.
In a representation to the Principal Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, AMK president, Kevinourheno Seyie and general secretary, Shürhivino Nakhro appreciating various state Government agencies for bringing the children from various parts of the country and especially from Red Zone or crossing the said cities. It said it is a matter of concern if necessary measures are not taken to contain the disease from spreading to the colonies or villages of Nagaland in the event that the disease of COVID-19 enters Nagaland through the returnees from the Red Zones.
The AMK said it is a fact that studies shows 80% of the Covid-19 affected population as asymptomatic and hence they could transmit the disease to all their contacts in a mass in the community unknowingly, if testing is not done.
“Should any untested asymptomatic Covid-19 positive patient be sent to their respective villages or colonies without “Covid Testing” resulting in community spread, the subsequent cost of testing and treatment of contacts could become explosively overwhelming and prohibitory in terms of both manpower and financial costs apart from loss of lives,” the AMK stated.
It further stated that neighbouring states such as Meghalaya and Manipur have been known to test all state citizens returning from the Red Zones, which is a worthy and laudable exercise towards the safety of the people of their respective state as a whole.
“In our Nagaland context, the fact that Dimapur and Kohima are being casually and carelessly made the portal of entry and stay for all the huge crowd of incoming returnees to the various other districts of Nagaland including the returnees from Hot Spots gives high chances to transmit Covid disease amongst the returnees staying together in the two portals must be banned and cancelled urgently for the safety of everyone,” it said and urged that all incoming returnees are directly and immediately sent to their respective districts by strictly maintaining social distancing from the point of their entry into Nagaland for proper Covid-19 testing from their respective District Covid Hospitals so as to limit the spread of Covid if any.
The AMK further appealed to the Government of Nagaland and especially the Department of Health & Family Welfare take all necessary steps and measures to test all the returnees in district wise so as to detect the disease in early and asymptomatic stages, also the two aforesaid portals causing high risk of the pandemic spread may please be urgently banned and thus to safeguard the people of Nagaland. (Page News Service)