Monday, March 8, 2021

AMK felicitates HSLC & HSSLC toppers of Angami community

Kohima, May 30: The Angamimiapfü Mechü Krotho (AMK) today honoured the HSLC and HSSLC toppers of the Angami community at AMK Ki here.
Lauding the 11 Angami toppers, including 10 female and one male, AMK president Kevinourheno Seyie said “success doesn’t come but outstanding performance and doing better than the rest surely does take more than ambition and putting an extra hour of hard-work”.
“As parents and elders we look up to you for the future of our nation,” she said while also maintaining that their life has just started and they are still young but the special thing about being young is that God calls the young to be examples.
She encouraged the toppers saying that as they go on to start new chapters, they should work harder, sincerely and honestly.
Angami Public Organisation President Kepelhousie Terhüja acknowledged the efforts of the toppers and especially lauded the female students for excelling better their male friends. In this, he encouraged the male students to work harder and perform better in the future.
Appreciating AMK for encouraging and honouring the toppers, he assured that APO would make efforts in taking over such activity in order to bring about more competitive spirit among the younger generation. He also wished them all success in their future endeavours.
The toppers in HSLC are: Vivotsonuo Sorhie of Mezhür Higher Secondary School; Top 8 – Neingusanuo Kire of Northfield, Top 9 – Nongoto Lcho of Coraggio, Top 15 (a) Purino neikha of Mezhür & b) Vimeno Nakhro of Mezhür, Top 20 – Noune-ü Z Yashü of Mezhür.
The HSSLC toppers are: ARTS – Top 3 – Vikedono Seyie of Rüzhükhrie GHSS Kohima, Top 4 (a) Mhasilenuo Mechülho of Mezhür & (b) Visakhonuo Kulnu of Mezhür and Top 5 – Keneituonuo Semou of Mezhür.
HSSLC Science: Top 1 – Virienuo Emilia Solo of Kohima Science College Jotsoma.
(Page News Service)