Thursday, January 28, 2021
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AMK expresses concern over lack of health care services to poor

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Dimapur, September 12: The Angamimiapfü Mechü Krotho (AMK) has expressed concerns that despite several months into the crisis of Covid pandemic in the state, no decisive strategy to provide general health care services to the poor has emerged especially in Kohima, forcing patients to seek health care in private hospitals which is beyond the means of many poor citizens.
In a press release, AMK president, Kevinourheno Seyie and general secretary, Shühivino Nakhro stated that the authority of NHAK issued an order on 3rd September informing the general public that in view of roll back of NHAK to normal Public Healthcare Delivery Service, all Covid-19 sample testing, triage OPD/Flu OPD is being shifted to TT stadium with effect from September 4, but except for shifting of the sample testing centre from NHAK, general health care services has not resumed and only OPD services alone without emergency services, continues to be operational at Para-Medical Training Institute (PMTI).
The AMK had earlier expressed deep concern with regard to the lack of emergency and in-patient care services in government establishments for poor patients involving not only the pregnant mothers seeking normal delivery or caesarean section, but also those in need of other emergency conditions including cancer care and dialysis for renal failure patient.
“The AMK had earlier asserted that it was incumbent upon the Government to ensure that no lives are lost for want of services in the district hospitals. The next day, it was learnt that a patient seeking health care had died in the OPD at PMTI,” the release stated adding the health care services at PMTI is not equipped to deal with such emergencies.
Stating that the incident has exposed a very tragic inadequacy and unpreparedness of the Government health care facility, the AMK asked “How many loss of lives will it take the Department of Health and Family welfare and NHAK to resume the Public Healthcare Delivery Service? Why has the services not resumed despite repeated declaration even from the Principal Director that services would resume?”
“This is not to vilify any individual in position of authority, but accountability should be fixed and the concerned authority and the Government must ensure that no further lives are lost for want of health care facility or lack of decisive planning to provide appropriate health care facility for the poorer section of the society,” it further stated.
The AMK said Government of Nagaland and the Health Department cannot continue to ignore the health care provision for poorer section of the society suffering from other ailments, adding, the care and control of Covid-19 should continue but not at the cost of other patients.
The Covid crisis has exposed many shortcomings in the infrastructure of health care delivery in Nagaland and it is time that the Government roll up its sleeves and try to rectify what it has neglected for so long, and improve the health care infrastructure and facilities across the State, the AMK stated. (Page News Service)