Monday, May 20, 2024

Amit Sadh takes break from social media: Don’t want to show my privileged life

amit sadh

Amit Sadh has taken a break from social media as the actor says that he feels uncomfortable sharing posts about his daily life at a time when people are struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sadh took to Instagram on late Wednesday evening and posted a note about taking a break from social media platforms.
The 37-year-old actor said recent events in the country made him reflect on whether he should be sharing his pictures on social media, especially at a time when the city and the entire state of Maharashtra is “under strict COVID restrictions.”
“The whole country is going through a difficult time. I believe my posts and reels of the gym sessions, the silly things that I do will not heal or entertain anyone.
“This is not a criticism to anyone. I personally feel the best way to be sensitive about the situation is to pray and hope for things to get better,” Sadh wrote.
On Wednesday, Mumbai reported 10,428 new coronavirus cases and 23 fresh fatalities, taking its caseload to 4,82,760 and death toll to 11,851.
This is for the second consecutive day that the city has reported more than 10,000 infections. For the third time this month, it has witnessed a single-day case growth in five digits.
The “Breathe” actor said it is important now to reach out to those who are struggling financially due to the pandemic and ensure that they are taken care of.
“Life must go on even though I fool burdened. I am disheartened when we do not acknowledge the seriousness and do not address it. We cannot behave that everything is okay: this is a pandemic. I will continue to do what is expected of me, wear a mask maintain a social distance of 6 feet, step out when necessary, follow protocols and rules.
“I am going to be vigilant, and I urge you all to do the same. I hope things get better to a point where I can start being goofy and silly again.”
Sadh also addressed his fans, saying that he is not “abandoning” them and will be available to talk through direct messages on the social media platforms.
“I am here but will not be posting quotes, pictures, or reels. I personally feel this is not the time for me to show my privileged life,” he added. (PTI)