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All business in Kohima to open only 4 days a week from Jul 2

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KOHIMA, JUNE 30: All kinds of businesses in Kohima will open for 4-days a week in lieu of the June 28, 2021 Unlock-1 decision of the High Powered Committee on COVID-19.
The Unlock-1 process for the State capital is being implemented after almost 2 months as it was under containment zone from 7 p.m. on May 5 while total lockdown was imposed from May 14.

The Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19 and Kohima Chamber of Commerce & Industries, at a meeting on June 29, have agreed that commercial activities will be open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. for 4-days a week, i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, while there will be total closure on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, said KCCI president Medozhatuo Rutsa while interacting with this Reporter.
He said that the business community in the State capital is also suffering immensely and the suggestion to open all kinds of businesses was put forth to the Kohima DTF on June 29.
He also said that considering the plight of the business people as well as the measures to curb the spread of the virus, the DTF and KCCI decided that all shops can be opened on the specified days but with all precautions and also keeping hand-hygiene facilities in the shops.
Vaccination for business persons
Rutsa also said that the KCCI in coordination with the DTF and Chief Medical Officer, Kohima, has been carrying out COVID-19 vaccination drives at the KCCI Tower since June 21.
As per reports, the capital town and wards/colonies have around 6000 persons engaged in different shops/business.
So far around 500 persons engaged in different trade have been inoculated while the process would continue to vaccinate all business men and women as well as their sales staff, he said.

KCCI general secretary Akhrie Mor said that during the lockdown period people engaged in petty business and also the sales staff migrating from other parts of the State have been suffering immensely, as many business owners are unable to pay them salaries with their shops remaining closed for almost 2 months.
For this, she said KCCI has approached the Kohima DTF to provide relief to them during this period.
She also informed that major business complexes, including malls and marts will also open with 50% intake on rotation basis.
DC Kohima issues regulations for Unlock Phase-1
Meanwhile, the Deputy Commissioner and Chairman DTF Kohima, Gregory Thejawelie, in an order today, while announcing further relaxations of the lockdown regulations on ‘Unlock Phase-1’, said that the practice of ‘NO MASK-NO MOVEMENT’ and ‘NO MASK-NO ENTRY’ shall be strictly enforced in all public places by the DTF and law enforcing agencies.
Shops/business establishments dealing in all kinds of goods/items/articles, including those dealing in essential goods and commodities such as vegetables, fish/meat vendors, milk booths, bakeries, local grocery stores are permitted to open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, he said.
Respective shop/business establishments have been asked to ensure that there is no overcrowding in the shops and also to encourage cashless mode of payment as far as possible.

All these shops and business establishments, except pharmacies, should be closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, he said.
All shopping complexes/market places in and around Kohima Municipal area where more than one shop is located in the same building/compound, the Owners/Management should work out a strategy to ensure that only 50% of the shops are open on permitted days of opening and that no 2 shops which are adjacent to each other are open on the same day, he said.
Necessary arrangement and monitoring would be worked out by the Kohima Municipal Council in consultation with KCCI, he said.
Permitting restaurants/eateries to operate takeaway/food delivery on all days, the DC however said that a proper queue system should be maintained for all customers to ensure physical distance in addition to mandatory wearing of masks and practicing hand hygiene.
Delivery of LPGs and e-commerce service operators has been permitted to operate on all days.
Delivery personnel of all categories are advised to display Vaccination Status in the delivery vehicle, he said adding that contactless delivery should be ensured at all times along with maintaining COVID-appropriate behaviour of mandatory wearing of Mask/Gloves, maintaining hand hygiene and physical distancing while also encouraging cashless mode of payment as far as possible.

Every shop/business establishment besides keeping hand sanitizers for use by visitors and taking measures to ensure COVID-19 appropriate behaviours at all times shall also prominently display the vaccination status of all the shopkeepers/staff present in the shop/business establishments.
The DC said that barber shops, beauty parlours, spas, salons, etc. where close physical interaction cannot be avoided should send application for the same to the Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19 indicating the staff’s vaccination status and strategies to be adopted to ensure minimal contact with customers. All such shops would be permitted to open only after due approval of the Kohima District Task Force on COVID-19 while the permit of the Kohima DTF on COVID-19 and vaccination status should be prominently displayed at the entrance of all such shops.
All Government offices in the District may open with 50% attendance of staff on any day subject to adherence to COVID-19 behaviour at all times while the 50% staff not attending on any day will work from home and should be available on phone/mail to deal with urgent office work.
Private offices in the district have also been allowed to function with 50% attendance subject to adherence to COVID-19 behaviour at all times.
Religious places of worship are allowed to open subject to an attendance of not more than 50 persons, with strict adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behavior, he said adding that in cases where the place of worship has a capacity where physical distance cannot be maintained by 50 persons, the number of attendees should be accordingly reduced.

Wedding solemnization, funerals and sports training have been allowed subject to an attendance of not more than 50 persons, subject to adherence to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour and applicable SOPs issued from time to time, he said.
In cases where such events are held in enclosed space/indoors, the number of attendees is to be reduced accordingly to ensure that the physical distance is maintained at all times, he said.
However, the DC said that wedding receptions would continue to remain suspended.
Light motor vehicles including taxis would continue to ply within Kohima district on Odd-Even basis, he said.
Taxis are allowed to ply within only 2 passengers while vaccination status of Taxi Driver should also be prominently displayed in the windshield of the Taxi.
Bus service, 2-wheeler taxi service and pillion riding shall remain suspended.
Mass public transportation and inter-district movement of people for non-essential services shall continue to remain suspended, he said.
All movement of persons/vehicles, except for exempted categories/medical emergencies will remain restricted from 7 p.m. to 4 p.m., he said.

All applications are to be sent to while helpline numbers ~ 60338338879/9362705742 ~ may also be contacted for any assistance.
All other activities which are otherwise not permitted will continue to be strictly restricted, the DC said, while cautioning that any action(s) in contravention with the order would deem to have committed an offence punishable, under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and its relevant provisions.
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