Friday, July 30, 2021
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Alarming spike in Covid-19 cases in Dimapur

COVID 19 2

340 infections reported in last 3 days

Dimapur, April 25: The number of daily fresh Covid-19 cases in Dimapur continues to spike, with Dimapur reporting bulk of the State’s daily positive cases, indicating that the corona virus is spiraling out of control here. In the last 3 days, Dimapur alone reported 340 Covid positive cases.

On Sunday, out of the 180 Covid cases detected in the State, 154 were from Dimapur, while on Saturday, out of 114 cases, 101 were from Dimapur. On Friday, 85 positive cases were reported in Dimapur out of the State’s total of 89 cases.
Dimapur is also recording high weekly sample positivity rate at 24%, a landmark figure that reflects how the disease has spiraled out of control here. In Kohima the weekly positivity rate is 11%. Nagaland’s weekly sample positivity rate in the past week (April 17 to 23) was 14%. The monthly positive rate in the State is 8.9%.
The test positivity rate is the number of positive cases from the number of samples tested.
“The high weekly sample positivity rate in Dimapur (24%) and Kohima (11%) is alarming as high positivity rate signifies undetected cases in the population,” State health authorities had said.
Out of the 154 fresh cases detected in Dimapur on Sunday, 107 are returnees, 45 are traced contacts and 2 are armed force personnel & security personnel.
Terming the daily spike as alarming, health officials expressed fear that this is just the beginning and Dimapur District is likely to see detection of high number of daily positive cases as citizens here continue to flout all Covid appropriate behaviours as well as curbs like night curfew imposed since April 23 to contain the spread of corona virus in the District and by extension the State.
In fact, the night curfew imposed in the district appears to be only halfhearted as the authorities here seems to be totally banking on public fear of corona virus to observe the night curfew obediently without any attempt at strictly enforcing the curfew.
For the last 3 nights since night curfew came into force here, there had be little to no enforcement of the restrictions by the authorities, as non-essential vehicular movements were seen on the roads and highways as well as assembly of 4 or more person in different localities around the town without any restriction.
Enforcing authorities of the night curfew have also not given out any data on how many violators, if any, of night curfew have been booked and penalized so far in order to deter others from violating the curfew.
The high number of returnees testing positive (107 returnees tested positive in Dimapur on Sunday out of 154 cases) also indicates unregulated entry into the District, with most entry points into the district remaining unmonitored.
In fact unmonitored entry points into the district, especially by trains and roads, appears to be driving the Covid spike here even as both district and State authorities appears to have given up on securing the entry points simply on logistic grounds.

“The numerous points of entry to the state and the porous border make it extremely difficult to monitor everyone at points of entry,” reasoned State authorities behind the unsecured entry points into Nagaland, but which is untenable.
State authorities need to wake up from its slumber and enforce all preventive norms sternly before the second Covid wave in the State spiral out of control. (Page News Service)