Alarming rise in cases of Dengue in Dimapur

Alarming rise in cases of Dengue in Dimapur

Dimapur, September 7: The number of Dengue cases in Dimapur continues to rise by the day spreading fear among the citizens. However, no cases of death from Dengue have been reported so far in the district.
Speaking at an inter-sectoral meeting on Dengue on September 4 last at the DC’s Office here as part of the campaign to fight Dengue and other vector-borne diseases, ADC Dimapur, Albert Ezung admitted that Dengue cases have increased in Dimapur. He said the recent floods in urban areas due to waterlogging and drainage clogging has affected the people, and there are concerns of a “high chance” of disease outbreak.
The Health Department in the district has been carrying out various activities to curb the menace; however, there are lots of works to be done, he said. “We need collaborative efforts to combat dengue. Community participation is required to achieve desirable results. Health is one’s own responsibility, and this message has to be spread and percolated down to the general public.”
Dimapur DVBO, Dr Imtiwabong Aier said during the recent Entomological survey and inspections carried out in various localities in Dimapur, the percentage of house index indicated alarmingly high presence of Dengue eggs and larvae. The high rate of house index suggests that there is a high risk of transmission and increased cases of Dengue, he said, and stressed on source reduction to be the primary focus in fighting dengue as fogging kills only the adult mosquitoes and not the eggs and larvae.
Dr Aier said community participation is the need of the hour to reduce the breeding sites and prevent the increase of Dengue cases in Dimapur District, and appreciated the support of Rotary Club for assisting in fogging and disseminating the message on Dengue and malaria in the past two years and also appreciated DMC for spraying DDT in the past.
Dr Talitemsu, State Program Officer, NVBDCP said that there are mainly three vectors found in Nagaland, namely Dengue, Malaria and Japanese Encephalitis (JE). She stated that the cases of Malaria have considerably gone down over the years; however, the cases of Dengue have increased.
She highlighted the scenario of vector-borne diseases in Nagaland and Dimapur District in particular. She hoped that such meeting would bring about good resolutions to prevent vector-borne diseases in the district. (Page News Service)