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AKMWP enforces compulsory wearing of mask in Kohima

Mask compulsory

1900 defaulters caught on first day
KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 9: Worried about the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the State capital, which stands at 2,825 confirmed infections as of today, the Association of Kohima Municipal Wards Panchayat (AKMWP) has enforced compulsory wearing of masks by everyone moving around within the Kohima municipality.

Administrator of Kohima Municipal Council and CEO Kohima Smart City Development Limited (KSCDL), Kovi Meyase and officials launched the compulsory wearing of masks within the municipal jurisdiction at Old MLA junction here Monday.
In his brief address, Meyase said that since the Government and its agencies cannot go to every nook and corner of the city to enforce such measures, the initiative of AKMWP is a welcome step as such measures can only be enforced through community involvement.
While maintaining that there is a great deal of sensitivity as many are getting into the habit of wearing mask, washing hands and more people becoming more conscious about social distancing, Meyase said, “However, the scare here is that out of hundred even if one is careless, s/he can infect the remaining people.
“We have to religiously practice whatever that needs to be done, the only thing that we can do is to try and let other people know that while they are putting our life at risk by not following the SOPs, they are also putting other’s life at risk,” he said.
Meyase also said “while we are trying to get into the business of saving lives, let us also instruct our volunteers not to take law and order into their hands.”
AKMWP president Neibulie Kiewhuo said COVID-19 pandemic was not over yet and pointed out that the denizens are not aware of the increasing cases. However, Kohima Panchayat Council members are aware of how many cases are rising in their own ward and in Kohima town, he added.
Subsequently, the AKMWP in its bid to reduce the transmission of the disease have enforced compulsory use of face masks in public areas and Kohima Municipality and that the enforcement of safety measures will continue until COVID cases decrease in Kohima, said the he said.
Kiewhuo also informed that as volunteers from each ward enforced the safety measures a total of 1900 defaulters were found on the first day of the campaign itself and they were made to purchase masks on the spot on payment of Rs 30.
He said that the volunteers would continue to maintain the regular checking and penalize those found without face masks.
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