Aishwarya on biopic: I’d rather have it closer to reality

Aishwarya on biopic: I’d rather have it closer to reality

Ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan made her debut with Mani Ratnam’s Iruvar in 1997, she has left cinegoers spellbound with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and powerful onscreen persona. But she confesses that she never wanted to be an actress. “Everything happened by chance. I was an architecture student who chanced upon a beauty pageant, following which everything changed. Films seemed to be the next step and when you get your first movie offer from Mani, who’s so revered and respected, you don’t say no,” she says sheepishly.
With so many Bollywood actors coming up with their biographies and some even lending their life stories to be translated on celluloid, is the light-eyed beauty open to the idea? After all, she has had an interesting career, striking a balance between commercial and offbeat cinema as well as making inroads in Hollywood. She states, “I haven’t thought about it, although it’s been mentioned a few times. Maybe I’m a bit shy to react to that, but yes, at some point, I would like to explore it. However, I’m not sure if I should be penning a book on myself,” she continues reasoning, “While I’ll entrust the writer, he or she still needs to understand the way I speak. Sometimes, when I listen to myself talking, I tend to slip into something philosophical and keep going into these different realms. So will all that get translated? That’s just one concern I have.”
With the advent of digital platforms, the actress is aware that someday her life will be documented with or without her consent. So, she mentions, “It’s important to share your story as it is. Maybe, I’d rather have it closer to reality than otherwise. People are finding different ways of doing it. There are blogs, books, films, and so many other avenues. I will think about it at some point for sure, because if my life makes for a great story to tell or watch on screen, why not! But right now, there are no such concrete discussions.”
When she looks back at her career, the 44-year-old is satisfied with the way it has shaped up. “What makes me happy is that I’m still doing what I want to do. My audience has been there for me and waited for my films. My career never had the usual trajectory of a heroine. I have balanced my commercial outings with some unconventional choices and regardless of them working or not, people have appreciated me in them,” she signs off.