Tuesday, June 15, 2021

AIR Kohima resumes broadcast of local dialect programs

Dimapur, April 20: All India Radio, Kohima has resumed the broadcast of local dialect programmes with effect from April 20. The broadcast is being made in 14 local dialects keeping the public informed and updated on COVID-19 news and other important matters.
In the battle to keep the people informed on the various steps, directions and advisories of the government, experts and other agencies on COVID-19 on a daily basis through the mass media, the public, especially in the rural areas, depend on the radio broadcasts since the newspapers in the state has discontinued their print editions due to distribution hurdles etc.
The internet editions of these papers are not available to majority of the public especially those in the rural areas and radio has become even more relevant as a most reliable source of information to the rural masses of the State. (Page News Service)