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AIFUCTO disapproves implementation of NEP 2020; affirms to fight till it’s withdrawn

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2-day AIFUCTO NEC meeting-cum-National Seminar begins in Kohima

KOHIMA, JUNE 9: The All India Federation of University & College Teacher’s Organizations (AIFUCTO), while charging the Central Government of taking advantage of COVID-19 pandemic and forcefully implementing the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 today, affirmed to continue its democratic protest till the policy is withdrawn.
The educational scenario of our nation suffers from the evils of neoliberal economics measures while the retreat of the state from the domain and powerful entry of market forces have provided a serious threat to the inclusive education system of our nation, AIFUCTO General Secretary, Prof. Arun Kumar said.
“To make the matter worse the NEP-2020 came into effect July 28, 2020”, Kumar said while addressing the inaugural session of the 2-day AIFUCTO North Eastern Council meeting-cum-National Seminar on the theme “NEP 2020: Envisioning Quality Higher Education” at Kohima Science College here on Friday.
Taking the advantage of the COVID-19 situation and bypassing the Parliament, views of the States and stakeholders, the Union Government forcibly imposed the NEP-2020 on the collective wisdom of the nation, he said.
No stones are now being left unturned to implement the policy at a rapid pace, directives are issued, reports are summoned thereby posing a great threat to the future of the country, he said.
Opposing NEP-2020, Kumar said even as the policy declares its motives of reflecting the aspiration of 21st Century, severe attempts at privatization, commercialization, centralization and saffronisation are perceived throughout the policy.
The NEP-2020 reflects a great dream and reality contradiction, an instrument of hidden agenda of ideological domination, strengthening of neoliberal forces, consolidation of indigenous International capital and negation of fundamental pillars of Indian Constitution and Directive Principle of State Policy, he said.
The NEP is a corporate-communal conspiracy to demolish the Constitution’s foundation on which the people of the country wish and dreamt of visualizing education, he said.
The flaws in the NEP are so fundamental in order and base that the document cannot be rectified by redrafting. It should be withdrawn in the interest of collective wisdom of the nation, he said.
AIFUCTO is of the firm opinion that under the present structure of NEP-2020 quality higher education is a dream and distant possibility he said adding that there is an urgent necessity of redesigning and refashioning of NEP-2020 to serve as a focal point for inclusion and quality education.
AIFUCTO’s viewpoint expressed through representation, memorandum, agitational programe and through joint action of all stakeholders through JFME did not find democratic response by the Central Government, he said.
“Since the announcement of NEP 2020, AIFUCTO has been holding various webinars, seminars and mobilizing political parties and State networks so that a situation will come where the Government of India will be compelled to repeal the policy”, said Kumar.
He also asserted that AIFUCTO will continue its democratic protest till the NEP-2020 is withdrawn in toto.
The 2-day deliberation of AIFUCTO will definitely provide a way to oppose the undemocratic, retrograde, unscientific and exclusionary NEP-2020 and there by save education, save our campus and future of nation. Let reason dictate and not whims and be prepared for a greater struggle to transform our system of education to meet the growing negative challenges and ensure our constitutional ethos, said Kumar.
AIFUCTO President Prof. Kesab Bhattacharya lamented that NEP 2020 in spite of the demands of almost all democratic organizations that education policy should have the combination of three Es – entry for all, equity and excellence, the present Government has transformed it to 3 Cs – centralization, commercialization and communalization.
The NEP 2020 is a dangerous policy for the future of the country, he feared, saying that under the new policy the Government removed Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and Mendeleev Periodic Table from the syllabus.
He also claimed that in the NEP 2020 document nothing is mentioned about gender equilibrium in education or women education despite the Central Government’s policy of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao.
Pointing out the dangers if the policy is implemented in toto, Bhattacharya said that it is deeply flawed and the most unwanted immediate impact will be closing down of Government schools and sharp increase in dropouts in higher education level.
AIFUCTO, with the support of All Nagaland Government College Teachers Association (ANGCTA), is organizing the 2-day meeting and seminar on “NEP-2020-envisioning quality higher education” here. It will conclude on Saturday.
He also expressed the plight of teachers in Government colleges and also the functioning of colleges with less teachers and appealed to the State Government to resolve the issues at the earliest.
He also sought the support of the State towards AIFUCTO’s fight against the implementation of NEP 2020.
ANGCTA general secretary Dr Yelhi Vero dwelling on the Nagaland context said that Government teachers are facing immense hardships on issues of superannuation, promotion placement, irregular and untimely salaries of contractual appointees.
Saying that many colleges are facing shortage of teachers, ANGCTA suggested that the recruitment and infrastructure should be proportionate. He also stressed on the need for up-gradation of undergraduate colleges on priority basis and opening of Post Graduate colleges.
Dr Vero said that development of college must be with proper recruitment of teachers and staff and not at the cost of another.
The ANGCTA also stressed on the need to have more State-owned universities in Nagaland so that students can pursue PG, Ph. D and research.
AIFUCTO national secretary NE Zone, Prof M Lokendro Singh shared on the activities of the organization and teachers movement in the Northeast.
Kohima Science College Jotsoma Teachers Association president Dr Richard Belho chaired the programme while Kohima Science College students presented special numbers and indigenous tunes.
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