Sunday, June 20, 2021

AICC meet on bringing back Ballot Paper system

Dimapur, September 14: AICC meeting held on September 12 last seriously considered bringing back Ballot Paper system. Every speaker from all the Pradesh Congress Committees has expressed that ballot paper must be brought back as the EVM system has out lived its purpose and is vulnerable.
Expressing doubt on the verdict of 2019, members also expressed that with multiple unanswerable questions, doubts on EVM manipulation is becoming stronger everyday and that the people no longer trust EVMs. The VVPAT system also has no value despite of SC ordering to provide VVPAT machines in all the polling stations since counting of VVPATs was prevented by ECI.
The Congress President said nation must understand and realize the dangerous trend of economic slowdown. Stating that social media presence alone is not strong enough, the Congress President has directed to reach the people with the message that together we must save the socialist, secular and democratic fabric as woven in the Constitution of India, from the hands of fascists and communal forces which are anti-Constitution.
Acknowledging the difficult task, she expressed hope that those who are against the ideas of communalism and fascism will rise to the occasion and give themselves for the future of the nation. She added that Congress shall continue with enrollsment drive in all polling booths in the State.
On September 13, Congress President Madam Sonia Gandhi, called a special meeting for NE States at 10 Janpath. The meeting was chaired by former PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh in the presence of AK Anthony, Ahmed Patel and KC Venugopal on the issues of NRC, CAB, Naga Peace process and Special Category State provisions and its impact on development and economy.
The meeting decided to seek a White Paper from the BJP Government in respect of NE States particularly on special provisions provided in the Constitution with reference to Art.371.
The meeting further decided to establish NECCC Office at Guwahati the mother state of NEI, with the objectives to monitor and smoothen social growth and facilitate economic growth.
Congress believes peace and freedom of the individual as well as of society is the key to growth.
It assured the people of Northeast that NE States are safe in the hands of the Congress.
(Page News Service)