AH&VS Advisor in soup over alleged transfer to ‘ENPO area’ letter

AH&VS Advisor in soup over alleged  transfer to ‘ENPO area’ letter

ENCSU demands immediate clarification

Dimapur, July 20: The Eastern Nagaland College Students’ Union (ENCSU) has sought immediate clarification from the Advisor, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Women Resources Development, R Khing for allegedly recommending the transfer and posting of a Government employee to “ENPO area”.
The ENCSU demand is in reaction to a letter allegedly written by the Advisor in his letter pad started circulating in social media. In the alleged letter, the Advisor requested the Commissioner, Nagaland to transfer an employee of ADC office Tseminyu “to some administrative place in ENPO area at the earliest” as she had “openly” involved in party politics during the recently held general assembly election and the Lok Sabha by-election “without any hesitation.”
The letter, which Nagaland Page cannot confirm as authentic, alleged that the officer had “indulged openly in canvassing for NPF candidate even in public meeting.
“Therefore, her posting at ADC Office Tseminyu will deprive legitimate right/share of non-NPF supporters for no reason,” the letter said.
“I, therefore request Commissioner Nagaland to transfer her to some administrative place in ENPO area at the earliest,” said the letter.
Another letter allegedly written by the same Advisor has sough “punishment posting on priority” for another Government servant posted at Wokha who, the Advisor alleged had “openly involved during the general election”. This letter, however, did not mention “ENPO area”.
The second letter, which Nagaland Page again cannot confirm as authentic, requested the Advisor, Economic and Statistic to “transfer the official to some interior place as punishment posting on priority.”
In a strongly worded statement, the ENCSU asked the Advisor to stop sending any officer “who are in not your favour” to ENPO area.
ENCSU said while it is not against officer or any Government servant, it made it clear that the ENPO area is not a place to “throw all the unnecessary officer in their personal game without the proper norm and condition of Government directive.” It asked the Advisor in what sense the very specific words “ENPO area” was mentioned in his posting and transfer letter. It termed the Advisor’s letter as “disrespect to the people of Eastern Nagaland.”  (Page News Service)