Sunday, June 13, 2021

Ahthibung Quarantine Facility Management grateful

NDPP ahthibung
Dimapur, June 27: The Management of Quarantine Facility Ahthibung has expressed gratitude to NDPP workers of Peren Region and 6 Tening A/C led by Zekuidi, President, Kubui, Vice President, Aku Nhai, president 6 Tening A/C, and Ngulminlen Singson, Vice President, Youth Wing, Peren Region., for their invaluable help extended towards the Quarantine Facility Centre Ahthibung.
The donated essential provisions were received by the Manager of the Centre, Tonga Hangsing, in a brief program held at Help Desk of the Centre, June 27. The essential provisions included 1 bag Potato, 1 cart mustard oil, 20 carts mineral water, 1 cart egg, 400 nos of masks and 4 bottles of hand sanitizers.
(Page News Service)