Monday, April 15, 2024

Ahead of Raksha Bandhan, demand for Chinese ‘Rakhi’ falls as CAIT introduces ‘Modi Rakhi’

Raksha Bandhan

New Delhi, July 24: Ahead of this year’s Raksha Bandhan festival, the demand for Chinese Rakhis have taken a hit as people are refusing to buy China-made rakhis due to the ongoing tensions between India and China. Instead, people are preferring to buy locally made rakhis over Chinese rachis to celebrate the festival.
Meanwhile, the Indian traders’ body, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), has also called for celebrating the festival of Raksha Bandhan across the country by using “Hindustani Rakhi”.
And, in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for promoting the local products, the CAIT has introduced “Modi Rakhi’’ this year which is in huge demand from traders across the country!
Along with Modi Rakhi, the CAIT has given bulk orders to women self-help groups, Anganwadi members and those who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19 crisis to prepare rakhis with purely Indian themes using seeds, grains, wheat, rice, wool, clothes, silk, Madhubani paintings, tribal items, leaves, basil, bead, pearls, earrings etc.
The locally-made Rakhis are being distributed through trade organizations spread across the country. Interestingly, several women entrepreneurs have taken the responsibility for producing Indian-themed Rakhis on CAIT’s call.
In line with PM’s ‘vocal for local’ and ‘Self-reliant India’ call, the CAIT has created ‘Modi Rakhi’ and appealed to people across the country to boycott Chinese goods and use Indian goods.
The portrait of Prime Minister Modi on aluminum, copper and silver sheets have been etched out on ‘Modi Rakhis’ which are tied with the auspicious red thread so as to give them an Indian appeal.
The ‘Modi Rakhi’ is being made in different states of the country and demand for it is increasing day by day.
By introducing the ‘Modi Rakhi’, the traders’ body has taken forward the PM’s call of Self-reliant India in the true sense by providing employment to a large number of women and other people and using the locally produced Indian goods for manufacturing products ‘Made In India.’
According to the CAIT, the traders from all over the country are engaged in this campaign with great enthusiasm and have resolved to fulfill the call of the Prime Minister.
The local traders are also not buying or selling Chinese rakhis for Raksha Bandhan. The traders said that India-made rakhis are also increasing employment among locals.
The locals also intend to boost the Indian economy by buying local rakhis.
“Customers are refusing to buy Chinese rakhis. Their first question is whether the rakhi is Chinese or not. Local handmade rakhis are selling. This would also affect the Chinese market, and benefit the locals. The money used to go abroad earlier, now it stays within the country,” said Mahesh Kumar, shopkeeper.
Similarly, customers in Uttar Pradesh`s Moradabad have said that they will buy India-made rakhis only.”We have to courier rakhis so we are here. We will buy Indian rakhis only. We are checking if the rakhi is Indian or not. We won`t buy Chinese rakhis at any cost. Be Indian buy Indian,” said Sanjana, a customer.
“There is a demand for India-made rakhis only. No one bought Chinese rakhi. We have got rakhis from Jaipur and Kolkata. Less people are stepping out due to COVID-19,” said Ajay, shopkeeper. (Agencies)