Friday, September 17, 2021

Agri Deptt organizes training & coordination meeting

agri deptt
M.Ben Yanthan Director Agriculture along with Agriculture officials released the 1st Edition 2020 Success Stories of Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanisation (SMAM).

Dimapur, June 12: The Department of Agriculture has organised a one day training and co-ordination meeting today at the Directorate of agriculture conference hall.
Addressing at the training programme Director of Agriculture M Ben Yanthan stated that time has come to review, rethink, revitalize and interventions both in policy and execution perspectives.
Post COVlD-19 Pandemic, people are expecting our department to play a major role in the development of economy of the State including livelihood and employment issues. he said.
Yanthan also said despite their efforts, hard work and the resources available, there seems to be no tangible results to be quantified and documented on a large scale. The contribution of Agriculture and Allied Sectors in the GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) is also gradually declining.
“May be our interventions might have been too little or fragmented to see visible results,” he added. Stating that it might have been because of unresponsive or progressive farmers constrained by geo-physical limitations with limited natural resources, he said may be absence of proper and effective monitoring and evaluation mechanism led to poor projection of the results.
Yanthan further stated that with the new objectives and challenges, the department would adopt a convergence approach ,to their present activities of clusters and schemes by creating compulsorily a ‘Model Farming Village or Area’, one in each District. Furthermore, need-based and result-orientated Activities or Schemes would be implemented in the other villages or farms in convergence mode, which is expected to lead to higher production & productivity of food grains and area expansion, fulfilling twin objectives of food and nutritional security and making farming commercially attractive especially for the educated youths, bolster link between farming and other sectors of economy.
Yanthan also stated that Nagaland is an agrarian state where 70% of the population is engaged in agricultural activities, and encouraged the farmers to change their mindset by way of showing the right technologies so as to make farming more remunerative. He said it is time to sit together, discuss, plan out strategies and put right thing into implementation on the ground.
He also encouraged the agriculture officials to rededicate themselves and be a part of the mission to reach the target vision “Food for all” by 2025 to ensure food security.
Director Yanthan said that as agriculture is the most important economic activity in Nagaland, it is therefore, necessary to improve land productivity and consequently sufficient food grain production through sustainable and scientific management practices. Hence, forward looking planning that is necessary that should help the State achieve food security and prosperity.
He also said that the new Agriculture Produce and Livestock Model Act (Promotion and Felicitation) had already been approved and notified by the Government of Nagaland, therefore along with this, the contract Farming Act (promotion and felicitation) is under process.
Taking advantage of the opportunity he call upon the Agriculture Experts’ to encourage and convince the farmers to adopt the right technology, so that sufficient agriculture production is made available for trade and marketing,also for the development of Agriculture in Nagaland and towards Uplifting the livelihood of the farmers.
Ben Yanthan also released the 1st Edition 2020 Success Stories of Sub Mission on Agriculture Mechanisation (SMAM).
Training on Record Keeping, Accounting and Audit related matters was also presented by Haridasan T K Sr. AO, A Nagaland.
The training was attended by SARS,IETC, DAOs and SDAOs from various districts in the state. The program was chaired by Joint Director of Agriculture B Nyenghong Phom. (Page News Service)