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‘Agreed Position’ has clear space for Naga Flag: WC NNPGs

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DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 18: The Working Committee (WC), Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) has stated that the Naga flag remains within the ambit of the GoI and WC NNPGs ‘Agreed Position’.

“Every sovereign, independent Nation in the world is identified and recognized by its Flag and Constitution. However, since Nagas and Indians will co-exist, the Naga Flag will be honoured and given due respect and space it deserves,” it said in a statement.
Stating that the Naga flag will be an integral part of Indo-Naga solution, which the GoI has been clearly told and reminded on the negotiation table, the WC said, “Therefore, on the eve of political solution, WC, NNPGs has encouraged all Naga tribal bodies and GBs in towns and villages to place Naga Flags in cultural and traditional institutions such as in Morungs and village customary courts or in the residences of Village chiefs. WC, NNPGs urge the Naga people not to be confused on the issue of flag. GOI respects and honours Naga sentiment, spiritual orientation and cultural identity the flag denotes. It is wrong to seek GOI’s permission on its usage. The destabilizing propaganda at play behind Naga flag and constitution is a greater mischief against Naga tribes and general public,” it said.
Claiming that currently Nagas are witnessing “some frantic, dubious ambassadorial activities by a group of de-recognised, self-appointed civil society leaders”, the WC alleged that these ill motivated Naga civil societies are further disintegrating and severing the fabric of Naga unity with their sponsored views and motives.
“They are very good at mimicry on stage. The GoI too must be aware of the narrative of these members but the truth unmasks them. The sooner this travelling circus drama ends, the better for Nagas,” it said.
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