Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Against forced donation, says DCCI


Dimapur, June 26: Reacting to statements from student bodies allegedly equating “students’ fundraise” to “illegal collection” in resolutions adopted in its general meeting, the Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has clarified that it is not opposed to any voluntary contribution by anybody out of free will but is opposed to “forced donations.”
In a statement, the Dimapur trade body said its decision on the issue of donations and sale of tickets and lottery is not just a DCCI resolution on its own but is based on a standing District administration order banning all those activities. It made it clear to the public and consumers that escalation of rates is directly co-related to “such unsolicited activities.”
“Nevertheless, the DCCI is not opposed to any voluntary contribution by anybody out of free will rather it is opposed to forced donations,” it said while leaving it to the public and consumer to judge whether the society should be just and within the confine of the law or let those people take the law into their hands.
Assuring the everyone concerned that the resolution adopted in its general meeting was in the interest of the consumer and general public and not as alleged, the DCCI also expressed surprise that some leaders leading intellectual body are misleading the public and not being able to differentiate between the words “check” and “raid”.
DCCI clarified that at no point it resolved against “checking of tampered MRP, expiry goods” as it is the right of every consumer to be satisfied with rates and quality and have the rights to redrassel and action.
However, DCCI said it resolved not to allow “raids” by individuals and organizations without the presence of competent authority, authorized individuals and agencies such as the GBs, colony councils, administration, police, legal metrology & consumer protection (LM&CP) department, drug inspector under medical department to check medicine items, food safety inspector also under medical department to check consumable food items especially in hotels, bakeries & restaurants.
“The DCCI wonders what wrong has it done when it has resolved to abide by the law of the land. The reason for the resolution was purely made in the interest of consumers and general public,” it said.
The DCCI also highlighted that it has become a trend in Dimapur for many individuals and organizations to go on “raiding spree” without the presence of competent authority and imposing fine discreetly instead of reporting to the appropriate authority/ “It has become a semi industry,” it claimed.
Such illegal activism, DCCI said, has emboldened some business enterprises buying their way out from those unscrupulous people. “The DCCI wants to stop this practices of underhand exchange and rather it wants to encourage raids in the presence of appropriate authority so that such shops and business establishment are exposed publicly and appropriate action even to the extent of trade license cancellation on those malpractising establishments to ensure quality and fair price. However, a certain section of people is adamant to go on raids without the presence of competent authority. The DCCI leaves it to the consumers and the public to judge whether such underhand exchange should be supported.”
The DCCI sternly warned business establishment not to indulge in malpractices of tampered MRP, sell of expiry items, duping customers with inferior quality and sell of duplicate items, while also stated that it will explore all legal means to penalize them to the extent of cancellation of their trade license. It informed the consumers that there is a separate Public Grievances Cell to address the grievances of the consumers and requested consumers not to hesitate to lodge their grievances.
The DCCI further appealed to GBs, colony council to be vigilant of illegal immigrants setting up business establishment without proper trade license. It urged DMC and colony councils to make NRC and NOC as main document to issue trade license to people hailing from Assam and take extra effort to re-verify trade license that has already been issued to those hailing from Assam and cancel the same which cannot be supported by NRC.
The DCCI also assured the student community that as in the past it will continue to support the student body and therefore not to misread the DCCI intentions which were in the interest of students, parents, consumers and public. “The DCCI believes that no issue is too big to be resolved if we all patiently with mutual respect sit over and thrash out the issues,” it added. (Page News Service)