After detection of JE cases & 1 death, Deptt starts fogging in Dimapur

After detection of JE cases & 1 death, Deptt starts fogging in Dimapur

Dimapur, July 19: Following the detection of 9 Japanese Encephalitis (JE) cases and one death in Dimapur, the Health & Family Welfare Department tonight started fogging in two places in Dimapur-Nepali Basti and Supply Colony.
Disclosing this to Nagaland Page, Programme Officer of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), Dr Temsula said that on Saturday, they would cover Forest Colony and 7th Mile. It would be simultaneously followed up in two to three colonies every night. “We do fogging in the night hours,” she said.
It may be mentioned that the NVBDCP had examined 30 suspected cases of JE in Dimapur District hospital out of which 9 are found to be positive cases, out of those 9 cases, one expired.
Dr Temsula said, “The girl who was found positive of JE was taken to GNRC, Guwahati from Eden Hospital, Dimapur and unfortunately she expired in GNRC. Three of them have recovered and were discharged and the rest are recovering. Two were from Nagaland Multi Specialty Hospital, Midland and one from Zion hospital were admitted in the District Hospital and after treatment they were discharged”.
She said, “We got a case day before yesterday. One JE cases was detected in Longchemdang village, Tirongong area, Mokokchung, bordering Assam.”
She said, “That was day before yesterday in the evening that we found the results from the Sentinel Surveillance Site Lab (SSSL), Dimapur District Hospital because for JE we have a laboratory only at Dimapur District Hospital”.
She said, “Mokokchung plus Dimapur, all those 9 cases the results we came to know they before yesterday evening i.e. on the 17th July. Both Mokokchung and Dimapur they are on a war footing cases, all of them, our workers starting from the District Vector Borne Officers they were on the move to the District hospital to take all the lineages and history so that we can take the actions. Yesterday all the entomological team came under the move to study the vector cases in those affected colonies and if any such cases”.
She said, “Out of these 9 cases, 3 are from Assam, 2 are from Dillai Gate area and one is from Naojan bordering Golaghat towards Niuland. So many cases are coming up in Assam and so many deaths so it was expected and in all the districts we have alerted and we are on full alert and even press release was issued for public awareness”.
She stated that the entomological team at Mokokchung is also on the move now and by tomorrow they will start fogging in Longchemdang village, Mokokchung. She said, “All awareness on JE prevention is being made and we are on a war footing basis only”.
Dr. Temsula said, “There is no cure for JE, only the preventive aspect; and only the department cannot do the preventive part. We expect the public to cooperate with us because we have to stop the breeding of mosquitoes in and around the house and this is the transmission season so it will happen and if public cooperate with us it will come down”, and added “Usually our public in Nagaland they say they will cooperate but they don’t follow up and this is the main drawbacks in the preventive part.”
Dr. Temsula stated that Malaria which was around 4000 cases per year earlier drastically came down to 30 to 40 cases in the last three years.
She said, “Otherwise as such Malaria has come down in our state. From 2009, 2010 and 2011 it was more than 3000 to 4000 Malaria cases but now it has really come down to a large extent and since the last three four years we are getting 30 to 40 cases. It’s a huge achievement too by the NVBDCP, Nagaland.”
She said, “Though Malaria cases are really coming down but then the JE cases are coming up everywhere in the country. So many deaths in Assam and Meghalaya. I think in Garo Hills of Meghalaya two -three death cases have come up that we all need to cooperate to prevent the outbreak of Vector borne diseases.”
As per the NVBDCP chart, Dimapur has the highest number of JE cases in 2014 with 18 cases and one fatality. In 2015 it reported 9 cases and one death but however in 2016 no such cases were reported.
When queried on the dengue cases, Dr. Temsula said, “No dengue cases were reported till so far this year but last year out of 1400 suspected cases which were reported, 367 cases were confirmed but with no fatalities and majority of the patients are from Dimapur”. (Page News Service)