Affidavit says Faruk Hussain is Himato Murumi; WSH demands immediate nullification of affidavit

Affidavit says Faruk Hussain  is Himato Murumi; WSH demands immediate nullification of affidavit

Dimapur, April 7: A nondescript affidavit published as an advertisement in a local daily in Nagaland has exposed the ease in how a non-Naga can claim indigenous Naga status by simply changing his/her name to a Naga name through an affidavit signed by a notary and publishing the affidavit in local newspapers.
A case in point is the affidavit No. 1632/2019 published in a local daily. The affidavit declared “the names “Himato Murumi” and “Faruk Hussain” son of Toluvi Murumi alias Shahjul Islam herein refers to the name of one and the same person i.e. my son and me as such, wherever it appears differently, it should be presumed and considered as same and one person by all the concern.”
The notary who signed the affidavit thereby making Faruk Hussain an indigenous Naga named Himato Murumi was not given in the affidavit published as advertisement in the local daily.
But taking serious view of the “usage of Sumi names and surnames by non Sumis”, the Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) had today demanded immediate nullification of the affidavit No 1632/2019 declaring the names of Himato Murumi and Faruk Hussain, son of Toluvi Murumi alias Shajul Islam.
Questioning the people involved, the WSH in a strongly worded statement asked. “How could some advocates and notary publics despite of knowing such people who are of non-Naga origin be accorded Naga names or surnames?”
“This particular issue has invited serious criticisms from every sections of the Naga society with Sumi tribe’s prestige and name in question,” it said.
Warning that failure to nullify the affidavit will invite stringent action from the hoho, the WSH also demanded that the nullification should be published in the media.
“No other people than Sumis by blood shall acquire Sumi name or surname and whoever is found indulging in such acts shall be dealt strongly by the Hoho. Such deeds will not be tolerated or taken lightly,” it stated, while also demanding that the affidavit be immediately nullified “as we do not recognize the usage of Sumis name or surnames by non-Sumis or any outsiders.”
The Hoho further appealed to all Nagas not to sell away “our coming generation’s future for the sake of few rupees” and warned that anyone found indulging in such acts will be dealt sternly. (Page News Service)