Thursday, June 17, 2021

Advisor Khehovi graces 29th SASA tournament

SASA tournament

Dimapur, January 12: Advisor H Khehovi today graced the 29th SASA tournament at Suruhuto town as special guest. The Advisor lauded the SASA officials for bringing forward the SASA anthem song which he said was long needed.
While encouraging the players Khehovi said to bring holistic change in the society, one should first self change if they want to see changes in the society they want it to be. He said they should not have self centered attitude, selfishness and arrogance.
He went on to say that giving one’s best service to the society will eventually find oneself living amidst the changed and well groomed community/society.
He further urged the players to keep the zeal and spirit to venture out of Suruhuto area as well.
The Advisor said, if others can host Sumi Gold Cup trophy why can’t SASA do so and lamented that due to non availability of proper play ground the area’s aspirations and expectations can’t be met.
However, he said he is positively looking forward to making one play ground if God’s willing and requested the constituency people to support him in prayers for the fulfillment of his dream in particular and the area people in general. (Page News Service)