Monday, July 15, 2024

ADC Tuensang notifies ban on single-use plastic

Dimapur, May 20: Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC) & Administrator Tuensang Town Council, Thungchanbemo Tungoe has notified ban on Single-Use Plastics (SUPs) within the limit of Tuensang Town Council with immediate effect to eradicate the menace of plastic and serious environmental and ecological challenges posed by rampant use of plastics The following single-use plastic products shall be totally banned: All the carry bags, with or without handles, irrespective of thickness and size; Plastic cutlery including plates, plastic cups, straws, trays, etc; Cutlery and other decoratives made of styrofoam; Polythene; Nylon and Poly-Vinyl-Chlorides.
Every individual, institution/ commercial establishment, educational institution, office, hotel, shop, restaurant, religious institutions, industrial establishments, banquet halls, etc shall abide by the aforesaid total ban and any breach shall be liable for penal action along with the fine amounting to Rs 2000.
The manufacture of single-use plastics below 120 microns in thickness w.e.f September 30, 2022 and manufacture of non-woven plastic carry bags shall not be less than 60 gram per square meter w.e.f September 39, 2022. (Page News Service)