Dear Madam,
Through your esteem daily, may I extend my sincere gratitudes to the following individuals and groups for rendering their outmost love and concern towards me while I was undergoing treatment at Referral Hospital, Dimapur.
At the outset, I am eternally indebted to the Almighty God for granting me another chance to live. Secondly, I am so grateful and awesomely spellbound by the love and effection of LBCA Secretary and his staff, Pastors LBCA, LBCATA, LBCA ordained Ministers, Dimapur Nkonjan Ekhumkho, Ekhyo Yan, Doyang United Baptist Church, Riphim New Baptist Church, Longsa Baptist Church, KLBC, Pngidong Baptist Church, Dimapur Pongidong Fellowship and Ekhung, Kohima Pongidong Fellowship, Pongidong Village Council, Kings Way School, Purana Bazar, and a host of wonderful individuals and groups. And special thanks to Dr. Sedivi, Angami, MD and his staff of CIHSR for their selfless service.
I am short of human words to express my heartfelt gratitude except to say “Thank You” May God Bless You All Tenth Fold.
Rev. Dr. L. Tsanso.