Wednesday, July 28, 2021
Page Mail


Dear Madam,
Since the inception of the Naga movement, many lives have been laid down, many villages been burnt, many lives destroyed by the torture yet hopes and courage stood firm. The torture and killings were savage;we were treated like lesser humans. But always hoped and had faith that we will one day see the new dawn. Our aspiration, our struggle went on giving no rest to our adversaries.
Today, as the GoI and NSCN comes to a meeting point to settle the decades long conflict, we are now entering into the new dawn. It is not the wisdom and ability of the NSCN leaders alone, but it is by the unfailing support of the Naga people. The supports from every walk of life were unimaginable. The Civil societies, churches, prayer centres, prayer warriors, women groups, intellectuals, students, media fraternity and all individuals gave their best in bringing the development in the Naga movement. Through this letter I would like to specially thank those individuals and groups who have been praying unceasingly and who have been fasting tirelessly. It is by your prayers that God the Almighty have listened to the cries of the Nagas.
Above all, it is God the Almighty; it is by His Grace and unfailing love for His people. He answered to the cries of the Naga people; the cry of old and young, men and women, weak and strong, rich and poor.
My dear Naga brethren, through this letter I would like to thank you all and appeal to continue the good fight stronger, until we have our ultimate goals accomplished.
Lt. Col. (Retd) Neipfupe (Ape) Venuh