Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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ACAUT vision statement

Exactly seven years ago, on this very day, ACAUT held a massive public rally on the 31st of October 2013 at City Tower, Dimapur. The main highlight of this epoch making Rally was the adoption of three public resolutions.
The slogan “One Government One Tax” was passed with thumping public resolution that caught the imagination of the public who are strangulated and squeezed under the burden of unabated and multiple taxation.
This unabated taxation is one of the primary causes of fratricide among Naga brothers. The 31st October 2018 Public Rally by the Public Action Committee (PAC) under Naga Council has reiterated “One Government One Tax” due to the continued tyranny of unabated taxation against the wishes of the public.
The second resolution was to set up a High Powered Commission( HPC) to delve into the whole gamut of illegal taxation.
This HPC was constituted by the Government headed by justice HK Sema whose Commission has submitted the report in 2015. So far no executive order has been issued for the implementation of the findings and recommendations of the HPC and the public is still waiting for its outcome.
The final resolution was to expedite the Indo-Naga peace talk. Since then, ACAUT organized the Common Platform on 12th September 2015 against the backdrop of the signing of the Framework Agreement; where the unanimous view was expressed that unless all the Naga National Political Groups come together as one it will only be a piecemeal settlement.
On 27 August ,2017 at the “‘ACAUT Mother of all rallies” one of the the public resolution was to urged the Government of India to “expedite the political process for early and lasting political solution to the protracted Naga political problem by inviting all Naga political groups without further delay.”
The vision statement of ACAUT states that the Naga villages are the real depository of authority and power in Naga society. The collectivity of the Naga voices represented by Naga villages which must have the final say at to what course the Nagas must pursue to settle the Naga political issue once and for all through a Referendum.
ACAUT for the past seven years has always voiced out for the common people and will continue to do so as to fight against the twin high walls of unabated taxation and corruption until it tumbles and crumbles down.

Tia Longchar                   Hetoi Chishi
Chairman                         Secretary

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