Sunday, January 17, 2021
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ACAUT urges Court to expedite fuel adulteration case


Dimapur, February 7: ACAUT Nagaland today said the recent accidental burning of fuel tankers at Khatkhati (Lahorijan) along the Assam-Nagaland border for the second time within months is proof that fuel adulteration still continues in full swing despite the fact that the matter is sub-judice in the Court.
In a press release, ACAUT chairman, Tia Longchar and co-chairman, Simon Kelio stated that in 2017, dissatisfied with the State Government’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) “shoddy reports and findings on fuel adulteration”, the Co-coordination Committee on Fuel Adulteration (CCOFA) comprising of several civil society organizations (CSOs) filed a PIL to bring in the CBI to further investigate the matter of fuel adulteration under section 173(8) of the CrPC.
In the CCOFA’s PIL it was stated that the SIT report was a “mere façade to shield the corrupt officials, politicians and the kingpins of fuel adulteration” and the matter is in now in the High Court.
ACAUT had also filed a FIR at West Police Station here and the matter is under the Court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate Dimapur.
ACAUT had earlier busted fuel adulteration units in and around Dimapur during which numerous tankers, containers with thousands of liters of kerosene, various chemicals and equipments for adulterating fuel were found in 2016. It was also found out that the fuel adulteration was not only an inter-district business with kingpins running numerous petrol pumps throughout Nagaland but a full-fledged inter-states lucrative business.
ACAUT claimed that one of the main accused in the fuel adulteration case, Dhinanath Shah was arrested on 1st October 2017 and a case registered at Rangia police station in Kamrup district of Assam. After the exposure of fuel pilferage in Dimapur, he shifted his adulterating unit to Lahorijan in Assam within a radius of few kilometers from Dimapur and continues the illegal operations with impunity due to the kickbacks received by the beneficiaries, it alleged.
Stating that the ACAUT Nagaland has been appearing for court summons and has testified numerous times for the last 4 years incurring monetary expenditure on legal fees and appearances and but the case is yet to see any breakthrough till date, it opined that when such matter of public importance remains sub-judice in the Court, unwanted elements are taking undue advantage of the delay, and urged the Court to expedite the case.
It also appealed to the Nagaland Lokayukta to take cognizance on the illicit malpractice where fuel adulterating units are procuring kerosene from Government supplies meant for public. (Page News Service)